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Weekly recap {in iPhone pictures} – Week 4

This week Lennox and I are on vacation on Cape Cod. We are visiting my family! Here are some pictures I took with my phone of what we have done so far (more pictures coming soon – once we return home!)

20110724-030841.jpg 20110724-030855.jpg

ONE. Laundry basket is the best new toy!
TWO. Showing everyone how to drive. Apparently the person who hit her daddy that day didn’t know how! He is OK!!



ONE. Poor Daisy Mae is a cone head for a while due to bug bites.




ONE. Our first plane ride together had officially started. She did pretty good but was bored quickly!
TWO. These saved me the last hour of our flight. She loves them.
THREE. In Boston and on our way to the cape. She slept with her shovel and pail on the way there. She was preparing for the beach!
FOUR. The BEST summer dessert; Friendlys Wattamelon Roll!!



ONE. A nice break from the HOT Texas weather.
TWO. Concert in the park was a fun evening.



ONE. This was a castle of soft blocks that my dad built for Lennox. She let it stand for 2 days!
TWO. Going shopping at The Black Dog, Kyle’s favorite store here on the cape.




ONE. Toothy smile
TWO. This would of been great when I was a little kid!
THREE. Henry and Lennox both need special fancy car!
FOUR. Band concert night in Chatham. This was always something I looked forward to as a kid. It was fun yo bring Lennox. I look forward to bringing her again when she is older too!



ONE. Lennox’s cousins (third cousins actually) came to play.
TWO. On the way home from the beach!

So do you take a lot of cell phone pictures? Join in!


Weekly Recap {in iPhone pictures} – Week 3

I do take a lot of pictures with my cell phone – its always with me and easy to pull out and snap a quick picture of lennox or whatever we are doing! Check back next week for fun photos from Cape Cod!! Check out my 365 project blog for a new picture everyday!



ONE. Still hot as ever here in Texas
TWO. Lennox breaking the law – drinking and driving!
THREE. Daddy and daughter at the block party I organized. It was a success!!



ONE. Being silly with mommy’s glasses on.



ONE. Graduated from our bathtub chair. Now we slip and slide all over the place.

Wednesday & Thursday

No pictures 🙁



ONE. Big flower bows rule!
TWO. The best part about going to the doctors is the tongue depressors!
THREE. Happy Birthday Grammy J! She is sporting an outfit that Grammy made for her as well. I just love the hat!



ONE. Heading to the spray park to cool off!
TWO. First trip is a success!

Do you take a lot of photos with your cell phone? Yes? What are you waiting for? Join in!!

Weekly Recap {in iPhone pictures} – Week 2

The “A Good Life” blog hosts a weekly blog hop for posting your week in iPhone pictures. I take so many pictures with my phone every week, it sounded like a good way to share them. Here are some pictures that stood out from the past week :) For more pictures from our day to day life check out my 365 project blog.

Sunday – 7.3.11

.ONE. Taking a nap on the way to Grammy J’s BBQ, but she fell asleep only 3 miles from her house! Sleeping babies are so peaceful.
.TWO. Showing off her standing skills and the 4th of July outfit Grammy J made for her.
.THREE. This is how she eats watermelon – happy girl!

Monday – 7.4.11

.ONE. 4th of July! – Today she learned how to use a straw!

Tuesday – 7.5.11

.ONE. Not very happy that I woke her up for daycare. Bedhead.
.TWO. I have been home sick all week – this has been my hangout buddy, Daisy Mae.

Wednesday 7.6.11

.ONE. Freak!
.TWO. Some of the animals I see on my drive home from work.

Thursday 7.7.11

.ONE. One of my new favorite pictures of little miss Lennox – she looks so grown up here!! What has happened to my little baby?
.TWO. 106 degrees outside at 4.30pm today — It is beyond hot down here in Texas! It’s somewhat sad that you are happen when you wake up and its just below 90!!