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Y3W: Our Family Vacation

Our vacation is ending tonight. We have had a great trip, a busy trip, an exciting trip, an exhausting trip. But overall, a good trip! Being away for a week as a family is great, but with a (almost) 4 year old, it can be challenging. Putting Lennox to bed in a hotel room is nearly impossible. Getting her to sleep past 6 am is even more impossible.

She is exhausted and I really hope this weekend brings her some good sleeping in. She needs it desperately!

The biggest highlight of our trip? Kyle graduating from college! It was a great day – Lennox was excited and sat quietly almost the whole time – I couldn’t of asked for her to do better.

We were able to eat some yummy food and spend time with some of our friends afterwards. Lennox now has a new buddy, Jude!

Once we get back, I will share more, but until then – enjoy the mountain view!

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Y3W: Colorado Family Vacation!

This week I’m happy to be co-hosting the Your Three Words (Y3W) link up! Each friday you sum up your week, what is to come this weekend or anything else that is going on in your world with three words. You can write a post around those three words, post a video, a photo – whatever you want! So, don’t be shy – jump in and have some fun with us. Don’t forget to link up below and check out all the posts!

On to my three words. Colorado Family Vacation!

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

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This week (and all of next week) we will be visiting Colorado as a family. This is our first big family vacation where we won’t be going to visit someone or be with other family (except for one day). We have done weekend getaways together and many trips to Cape Cod to see Grandma & Papa but this time it will just the our family of 3, enjoying (and annoying) each other for eight wonderful nights! I look forward to sharing our vacation with you once we get back. The main highlight of the vacation though, which we can not forget, and the main purpose for even going to Colorado is that Kyle is GRADUATING COLLEGE!!! We’re all so proud of him and I can’t wait to hear his name be called up on that stage! Congratulations to him and photos to come!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend – Don’t forget to join in with us and do you very own #Y3W post! It’s easy, I promise!

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Y3W: School is Out!


Yesterday was the last day of the official school year for Lennox! The school year sure did fly by and Lennox has grown a lot! Check out her first day vs. last day picture. (My chalk board writing is horrible!)


Look how tall and skinny she got! She is my big girl for sure. I asked her a bunch of questions for a Last Day of School Interview. My favorite is what she wants to be when she grows up! Here are her questions and answers:

  1. What is your name: Lennox
  2. My grade this year is: Primary 1st Year
  3. I loved learning about: Pouring between bottles
  4. When I grow up I want to be: a butterfly with a costume
  5. My best friends are: Paxten, Gabby & Ava
  6. My favorite book is: Love You Forever
  7. My favorite color is: Pink and Purple
  8. My favorite game is: Don’t Wake Daddy
  9. My favorite lunch is: Pizza
  10. My favorite thing about school is: Singing songs
  11. Next year, I am excited to: Have picnics

I’m so proud of my butterfly 😉


Next week we will start her summer program. She will be at the same Montessori school but with a new teacher and class for the summer months. This will be her first time with a male teacher too – I’m really interested to see how it goes!

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