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A Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

Lennox and I had our annual visit to the pumpkin farm last night. Usually we get there with Grandma and her cousin, Henry, but it just didn’t work out this year – but I wanted to make sure we got there before Halloween arrived! Each year we take some of the same pictures and it’s so fun to watch Lennox grow! This is somewhat of a photo dump but I wanted to get these up here prior to Halloween and so that I have another year to compare to!


2014: There is a little less of a change this year I would say over past years – but still – great to have something each year!



Once we played in the truck, it was time to get lost in the corn maze! This year it was quite the doozy! We were in there for a good 30 minutes, completely lost!! Eventually we found our way out though 🙂


 This one is too cute .. The pose and picture was all Lennox’s idea – she is such a little ham!!


Our little pumpkin!


And our little scarecrow! She loves wooden cutouts!



We have kind of gotten to the stage of the fake smile….


And lastly, a little tractor riding! I remember when she couldn’t even get up there!


She decided she could fit in the tractor wheel!

halls-pumpkin-farm-2014It was a fun evening, I wish Kyle could of joined us, but alas.. he is allergic to hay! Just a few more events before Halloween is past and we are on to the next holiday!

Apple Picking in Texas

One of many things on our Fall Bucket List was to bring Lennox apple picking. This sounds like no big deal to many, but in Texas – we have almost no options or orchard’s available to go picking at. Texas isn’t exactly the easiest place to grow apples, especially living in an urban area! 

apple-picking-in-texasI had always heard about Henrietta Creek Orchard in Roanoke, TX but usually it is never open to the public. When I saw that they were going to open to the public this year I was so excited and knew I had to bring Lennox! So when we got the chance to head out there this past weekend, Lennox was ready to pick some apples! henrietta-creek-orchard-apple-picking-10This small apple orchard, located just on the outside of the city is perfect for children. Typically open to school field trips only, it really is centered around the idea of teaching children about farming, apples and nature. Watching Lennox be excited about picking her first apple and putting it into her apple bag was so great. For some reason, the fact that it had a leaf too, made her giggle!henrietta-creek-orchard-apple-picking-09Although there were many apples on every tree – we had fun picking one or two from a number of trees and moving on to another area – exploring all the different rows of trees! henrietta-creek-orchard-apple-picking-08Being in the “Tree Cave” (a more dense area of trees), was fun too! Dad even tried to reach for the nice red apples way up high!henrietta-creek-orchard-apple-picking-07 henrietta-creek-orchard-apple-picking-06Lots of beautiful apples!henrietta-creek-orchard-apple-picking-05Once we had picked about 20 apples, we decided that was enough for some apple sauce and apple cobbler and decided to stop so that there were plenty of apples for everyone else! We then went exploring everything else Henrietta Creek Orchard has to offer. henrietta-creek-orchard-apple-picking-04They have many other gardens, including a pizza garden, herb garden, and a butterfly garden! They even have some chickens that are fun to watch for a few minutes.

henrietta-creek-orchard-apple-picking-02No trip is complete during the fall, without a fall farm picture! Oh, and it’s football season – so LEnnox had to wear her cowboys jersey (sorry Papa … bring her a Patriots one!)henrietta-creek-orchard-apple-picking-03 It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning and I would recommend heading out this next weekend if you live in the DFW area! It’s a great way to teach your kids about how apples grow – Just in time for Johnny Appleseed’s birthday (learn more about why I mention that later this week)!henrietta-creek-orchard-apple-picking-01

Happy Fall y’all!

Fall Family Bucket List, Fall Bucket List

Fall Family Bucket List

It’s September, which means Fall is just a few weeks away! I can’t believe the summer has wrapped up and we are back into the fall season. We lucked out this summer and didn’t have a super hot summer here in Texas – but it was hot enough that we are all looking forward to the cooler, almost perfect, weather of a Texas fall!


Lennox at the pumpkin patch last year!

With fall comes a lot of fun family activities! I put together a new family bucket list and I wanted to share it with you! It is general enough, that I think no matter where you live – you can do almost all of it!

Fall Family Bucket List, Fall Bucket List

The one thing on the list that is a bit tricky down here in Texas is apple picking. I do know of one spot near our home that has a very limited number of apple trees – and I really hope to get out there this year!

What is on YOUR family bucket list for the Fall?