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EdgeFest 24

Finding Time for Mom & Dad + Our Day at #EdgeFest24

Kyle and I try to, every now and then, get enough time away from Lennox to have some time for us. As much as we love doing everything with Lennox – sometimes we need a break and go have some fun! We are lucky to have family that loves to babysit Lennox so that we can escape for the day or a night.

So that is exactly what we did Saturday afternoon and I think she had more fun than she would with us anyway! Lennox got to go to her first crawfish boil (she was scared of them!) and she went to the movies to see Rio 2! Fun day for her and she passed out before ever eating her dinner!

While she was having fun, Kyle and I headed to Frisco (about an hour north of us) to check out EdgeFest 24! Edge is an alternative rock radio station here and each year they have a day long music festival. We got great seats and headed out there for the day.

The weather was in the 80’s and hot – but thankfully there was some good wind so we didn’t sweat into a big puddle of nothingness and I was proud to not get a sunburn!!

The festival was great! We got to see a long list of artists but some of my favorites were Switchfoot, Grouplove, Smallpools, Bastile, Beck, The Avett Brothers and Cage the Elephant. Switchfoot makes me think of A Walk to Remember every single time!

GroupLove was great – but I did want to just give the lead singer/guitarist a shower and a new shirt!

Neighbourhood was AWESOME. The lead singer is a great performer – he even jumped off the stage and ran throughout the whole stadium while singing! You never knew where he would pop up singing.

Bastille was great too – they have so many great songs and I think they will continue to be really popular – again, great performers – I would love to see them on tour for a full length show!

Cage the Elephant was on the second stage – which was neat – immediately following one show, the next stage would start-up and you just had to turn around.

Although we were excited to see Beck, I think he was the most disappointing of the whole show. He was so distracted by his microphone cords and you could barely hear him – we left halfway through his show (he was the closing act). They may have missed the mark on that one. Still though – it was fun to see him sing Loser!

So – it was a great day and a great break from Little Miss Attitude. I love you to bits Lennox but sometimes Mommy & Daddy deserve a break! What type of things do you do to get a break together (other than going out to dinner!)?? It’s great to have a break from time to time, do you agree?

Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience

Last week my friends and I headed into Dallas by train to attend Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience and It sure was an experience!

Justin Timberlake


It was one of the best concerts I have been to. The type of concert where you know and they are all better than on the actual album – type of concerts! The concert started at 8, but he didn’t come on until 9. There was no opening act, just DJ Freestyle, which honestly, was a little annoying because he talked over most of the tracks – but once he was done and it was time for Justin to come on – it was awesome! He played for close to 3 hours – singing almost every song on his 20/20 experience albums, as well as all his older hits — and a few cover songs. Awesome!

My most favorite part of the concert? When the stage picked up and moved to the back of the stadium (where our seats were located). The front row became the back row (maybe pissing off some people who shelled out WAY TOO MUCH money!) and the back rows became the front rows. I thought when this happened it would just be for a song – but no, he stayed for a good 30-40 minutes there – giving us an even better show!

And when in Texas, why WOULDN’T you want to dip into the tradition of the state and give your hand at Deep in the Heart of Texas!

The whole concert was so much fun and I’m so glad I was able to go with an old friend and a new friend! It could have gone to 2am and It still wouldn’t have been enough – but at the same time it would have kept being great!

I hope he makes his way back to Dallas / Fort Worth on his world tour – I would head back to the concert w/ Kyle for sure!