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Thinking of Boston…


No matter where you live, the horrifying news of a bombing during the Boston Marathon entered your world today. Being from Massachusetts, the news caught my attention so quickly, as my cousin who lives just blocks away, sent out a message on Facebook that she could hear what was going on. I immediately pulled up all the Boston news stations I could think of, since it hadn’t hit CNN or local news here in Texas yet.

While driving to work this morning I heard it was Boston Marathon day. I forgot today was Patriot’s Day and the Boston Marathon. The moment I heard that, I was brought back to my childhood where I sat at my grandparents house outside of Boston with my grandpa. I remember sitting and watching the marathon next to him (as he snoozed on and off on the [plastic covered] couch as he always did in the mornings. He would read the Boston Globe as he always did, he worked a the Boston Globe for many years up until retirement. Such a vivid and happy memory to me. It’s so simple, yet I just always remember that memory when the Marathon comes around each year.

Now that memory will be combined with a terrifying day for so many; bombs at the finish line. Who would of ever thought something like this would happen. It could of been so much worse, but it didn’t need to be – it already is so bad.

I have been trying to not get too wrapped up in the news, as I usually do when something horrible like this happens and instead spent the evening with Lennox and Kyle, dancing around, watching her new favorite show (Henry Hugglemonster), blowing bubbles and playing basketball outside.

Hearing that there was an 8-year-old little boy killed by the bomb explosion is horrible. Everyone hurt was horrible news, but when a child is involved, an innocent young child, it is just so sad. That made me want to play with Lennox even more.

So tonight, instead of writing about the wedding we went to over the weekend, sharing bluebonnet pictures, etc…, I’ll will take this moment to send loving, caring and positive thoughts to everyone effected by the Boston Marathon bomb explosions.

“Today is a holiday in Massachusetts — Patriots’ Day.  It’s a day that celebrates the free and fiercely independent spirit that this great American city of Boston has reflected from the  earliest days of our nation.  And it’s a day that draws the world to Boston’s streets in a spirit of friendly competition.  Boston is a tough and resilient town.  So are its people.”

~ President Barack Obama