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Daddy Daughter Dance 2016

This past weekend, Lennox had a very special date – Daddy! It was the weekend of their second annual Daddy / Daughter Dance. This years theme was under the sea treasure and she was so excited. She woke up early and was ready for a full day of fun. She got her hair done, had a brand new dress and a handsome date!


Lennox had plans before the evening even started. A few of her old friends from Montessori school and their dads all met for dinner. Dinner and a date!

daddy-daughter-2016After dinner, they headed to the dance to party the night away with her friends, daddy and a few glow sticks! I’m not even sure what is happening in this picture – but that is a lot of happy girls, having a lot of fun!!


It’s always so fun to see how excited she is and I hope she remembers her fun evenings with Daddy forever!


This is a look back at 2015, her first daddy/daughter dance. She has grown a lot in just a year – she is getting so tall and was just as excited as this year!


Jonah Turns One!

Our nephew, Jonah, turns ONE today! I can’t believe that little dude is already ONE! It seems like just last week that we were meeting him for the first time.


But no, it was a year ago! This past weekend we celebrated with him and his family – and I think he had a great day! It was full of smash cake, swimming, presents and fun with his brother and cousin! Here are a few pictures from the day.


jonah-turns-one-1 jonah-turns-one-2 jonah-turns-one-3 jonah-turns-one-4 Happy Birthday Jonah!! We love you.

Our Easter Day

So, it’s Monday – Back to reality and time to detox from everything easter egg and easter bunny related, as well as all that CANDY! I hope that all of you had a great Easter weekend.


Here in Texas we had a good time and Lennox went to bed on Easter Candy overload! We started our weekend, by having some fun around the house on Saturday and making some super cute Easter Bunny crafts for the family.


Saturday night, Lennox asked to go to bed, early. That NEVER happens. She said she needed to get to bed before the Easter Bunny came! She was so excited to hear about when I was little and the Easter Bunny came… then…She started crying, because she was afraid he would skip the house if she was awake. It was so sweet, we got her tucked in and off to sleepy land. And guess what? The Easter Bunny came! She was relieved!

IMG_6877This year the bunny hid clues in all her eggs and had her “hopping” around the house to get all her treats and ended at her basket, which was hidden in our bathroom! 


Even sweeter was that, before bed she was singing the Petter Cottontail song and realized that the bunny was suppose to bring mommy orchids.. so guess what I had Easter morning? Yup – I bought some orchids 🙂 She was happy about that too – whatever makes her believe in the magic! <3


So once we were done exploring our goodies, eating some candy and getting ready – we had to head to Tyler to visit with Kyle’s side of our family. 


I swear she always has a bigger and better smile in pictures with Sissy and Kollin than with mommy and daddy!!IMG_6894Of course, someone was very spoiled from all the family – and of course she didn’t object. Lennox is one lucky little girl.


Being a little bit crazy – she may have started her sugar rush here…

IMG_6917IMG_6905 IMG_6908

I love this little girl and this hat that her Mimi made her!


Before it was time to go, we had to do the “confetti eggs” before Lennox lost her mind! She has been so excited for them ever since Aunt Katie introduced her to them last Easter! 




If you haven’t tried confetti eggs, they are pretty awesome and so much fun! It was then time to head back home. Lennox ate so much candy in the car that she was bouncing off the walls! I see a lot of fruits and veggies in her future tomorrow! Oh well, you’re only a kid once and the easter bunny is all about the sweets! Another great holiday in the books.