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Every Home has a Story to Tell

Every Home Tells a Story

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While you may be busy starting to think of how to decorate your home for the holidays or getting an early start on your Christmas shopping – make sure you don’t forget to help out those who need the most assistance. This holiday season Air Wick is launching a new campaign; Give the Gift of Home. Their campaign includes the donation of $250,000 from their profits and that money will benefit Habitat for Humanity families.


Air Wick has created this video as a tribute to families all over the world on how the holidays (and even a scent) can bring them closer together. And the theme of moving is pretty much perfect for this time in our personal lives. Take a look for yourself:

Isn’t this a very heartwarming video? I think that Air Wick captured the exact feelings they were going for. And the idea around your own personal life scent is so true. Just like a song on the radio can bring you back to an exact moment in your life, a smell can bring you right back to a place or memory just as quickly.


Since every home can tell a story, I’m so excited to start sharing our new home with you soon! We haven’t moved in yet, but as soon as we do – I know we will be getting our new home ready for the holidays and having the right scent is always a great way to be welcomed into a house.



Tomorrow morning this becomes ours….

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The new line of Life Scents Collection from Air Wick features the first-ever changing fragrance. There are scents ranging from Spiced Apple Crumble to Snowflake Vanilla Cookie or even Emerald Woodland for those who like the outdoors-y Christmas scent (as I do!) Any of these will be the perfect addition to any home and holiday decor this winter season!


Gold office accessories, how to incorporate gold into your home office

How To Incorporate Gold Into Your Home Office

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Decorating a home office space can be challenging. Offices are usually full of dull paperwork, utilitarian tools and electronics. The sterile decor can prevent you from being productive because the space is so uninviting that you find yourself avoiding it. Determining the right amount of gold to add to your space and how to add it can be tricky, but incorporating a luxurious metallic color like gold into your home office decor will lift your spirits and give your office space the warmth it needs.


Desk Accessories

You can choose from a variety of gold colored desk accessories. From staplers to paperclips, incorporating the kingly color even in small splashes will make a huge difference. Choose a pair of vintage gold handled scissors to make a statement visitors are sure to notice. This classic style is best known for use by seamstresses and will bring a chic vintage element to your office space. This decorative pair of sheers from Rad And Hungry are especially beautiful.


Coffee Mug

No workday is complete without one essential thing, coffee. A good cup of coffee will wake you up and energize you through your workday, so why not add a golden touch to your coffee mug. Glancing across your desk to see your glittering cup with bring a smile to your face no matter how close you are to your deadline. Add this cute cup from ShopBop and turn your home office into an opulent den.


Headphones / Accessories

Many people find that they really get into the best work groove while listening to music. Put on your favorite playlist and find enjoyment in your workday. It may not be possible for you to play music out loud in your office, so these gilded headphones could be perfect for you. Adding your favorite music into your work day will help things feel more relaxed and the time will fly by.


Wall Decor

Adding some metallic wall decor to your home office will give the grand look you hope for. Paint a frame with gold spray paint to add a splash of color. Use your golden frame to show off your diplomas or awards. Similarly you could hang a gold colored mirror or sculptural fixture. There are many reasonably priced options for bronzed decor. This spike wall pod will bring a modern and artistic feel to your home office. The 3D aspect of this wall hanging makes it especially memorable.


Final Elements

Adding gold elements into even the smallest places in your home office can make it chic and posh. Pick up some gold pens or pencils to add sparkle to your workplace. Even using golden tacks or clips will make a huge difference in the look of your office. The splashes of gold will look intentional and your room will soon seem put together and well planned.


By adding gold elements into your home office, you will create a lavish area to work where you will be happy to spend time. By adding a few accents, working in your new sparkling space will be a delight every day. You will find yourself excited to work and show off your new gilded retreat.

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If you put all of these items together, plus a few additional items I found – here is what it would look like – what do you think?Gold office accessories, how to incorporate gold into your home office

You can find the additional items here: Poppin’ White Gold Stapler // Kate Spade Notebook // Gold Pen 

laundry room organization ideas

Laundry Room Organization Ideas

It’s the time of year to get Christmas put away and get everything organized, as much as possible at least! Last year, my dad was able to expand out our laundry room, add some shelving, counter space, making the room larger, etc. It’s amazing what only a few extra feet in a laundry room can do. I can now finally move in there, fold laundry, sort, etc.

Having an organized laundry room is so helpful. It can be storage for so much more than just clothing. When you have children, the high storage is also great for more dangerous items such as cleaning supplies!

I have yet to get my laundry room 100% organized, but I of course, have turned to pinterest for some great ideas! Below are some of my favorite ideas as well as a few steps on how to get your laundry room organized.

How to Improve your Laundry Room

  1. Clean! Clean out your laundry room from top to bottom and start over!
  2. Reconfigure. Get your laundry room configured the way you want and do any construction that needs to happen.
  3. Plan and Organize! Once you are ready, plan out everything you want to include and then start organizing! Purchase shelving, boxes, bins, etc that you may need. Pick one color theme and go with it.
  4. Decorate. Don’t be afraid to decorate it a little bit. Picking a color other than white or adding a wall hanging, candle, etc can go a long way to make the room feel brighter and better!

Laundry Room Organization Ideas

laundry room organization ideas

Lazy Susan // Laundry Room Wall Art // Laundry Room Crates // Under Machine Baskets //  Laundry Basket Storage // Laundry Room Peg Board Organizer // Laundry Room Ideas

What are your best laundry room organizational ideas?