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Zombie Pudding Cups

Halloween Zombie Pudding Cups

This post is sponsored by Snack Pack®. All opinions are 100% my own.

Halloween is such a fun time of the year, and there are so many unique snacks you can make. Some of them are much more complicated than others, and, honestly, we don’t have time to get involved in those right now. We are in the process of moving, so we are busy all the time. I still want to make sure Lennox has a happy October and Halloween, so this weekend, in between packing, I put together some fun Halloween Zombie Pudding Cups for her!

Zombie Pudding Cups

Halloween Zombie Pudding Cups

What you will need:

  • Snack Pack® pudding (chocolate, vanilla or butterscotch)
  • Chocolate cookie sandwiches (crumbled)
  • Gummy zombie hands (found with the holiday edible candies and cake decorations)

How to Make:

STEP 1: While preparing, place the Snack Packs® in the fridge or freezer for a few moments to stiffen up the pudding a little bit.

STEP 2: Place two cookie sandwiches (minus the cream filling – you can eat it, I won’t judge!) in a small bag.


STEP 3: Using a rolling pin, crumble the cookie sandwich pieces into cookie crumbs. This will be the dirt for our zombie’s grave!

STEP 4: Take out your pudding packs and open.

STEP 5: Sprinkle a layer of cookie crumbs on top of each pudding pack to create a layer of “dirt.”

STEP 6: Insert the zombie hands into the pudding cup. This will create the appearance that a zombie is coming out of the ground! How fun!

Zombie Pudding Cups

Serve and Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this snack idea, there are plenty of other ones you can make, including cookie black cats that I shared last year – easy and fun as well!

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Zombie Pudding Cups

Enjoy the Treats this Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treating 2014

Well, another Halloween is in the books! It was another great holiday full of smiles, laughter, joy and – without fail – some tears! Lennox has been a wide range of characters in the past year – starting with a Skunk! Then, Pebbles, a Pink Pirate and Hawkgirl!


This year, Lennox went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. We are still unsure how she ever learned about Dorothy as she had never seen, read about, etc the Wizard of Oz but she made a perfect Dorothy and now loves the movie!

trick-or-treating-2014As in many past Halloween’s, Lennox’s grandma made her costume shirt and dress and then I found the finishing touches. I think it came out great and she made a pretty awesome Dorothy! Here are some photos from our night of Trick or Treating!



09trick-or-treating-2014Something is different in this picture – can you figure it out? It took us a while to see what was different!!   08trick-or-treating-2014


Once we were done trick or treating ourselves, it was time to give out some candy – I think Lennox has just as much fun doing that then going around and getting candy herself! 07trick-or-treating-2014Our neighbors were doing the same and they decided to have a DANCE PARTY! 06trick-or-treating-2014 And, because when Halloween is all done – you have to check out your candy haul before going to bed!!04trick-or-treating-2014 I hope everyone had a fun night of tricks and treats, but mostly treats! Until next year!

A Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

Lennox and I had our annual visit to the pumpkin farm last night. Usually we get there with Grandma and her cousin, Henry, but it just didn’t work out this year – but I wanted to make sure we got there before Halloween arrived! Each year we take some of the same pictures and it’s so fun to watch Lennox grow! This is somewhat of a photo dump but I wanted to get these up here prior to Halloween and so that I have another year to compare to!


2014: There is a little less of a change this year I would say over past years – but still – great to have something each year!



Once we played in the truck, it was time to get lost in the corn maze! This year it was quite the doozy! We were in there for a good 30 minutes, completely lost!! Eventually we found our way out though 🙂


 This one is too cute .. The pose and picture was all Lennox’s idea – she is such a little ham!!


Our little pumpkin!


And our little scarecrow! She loves wooden cutouts!



We have kind of gotten to the stage of the fake smile….


And lastly, a little tractor riding! I remember when she couldn’t even get up there!


She decided she could fit in the tractor wheel!

halls-pumpkin-farm-2014It was a fun evening, I wish Kyle could of joined us, but alas.. he is allergic to hay! Just a few more events before Halloween is past and we are on to the next holiday!