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Daddy Daughter Dance 2016

This past weekend, Lennox had a very special date – Daddy! It was the weekend of their second annual Daddy / Daughter Dance. This years theme was under the sea treasure and she was so excited. She woke up early and was ready for a full day of fun. She got her hair done, had a brand new dress and a handsome date!


Lennox had plans before the evening even started. A few of her old friends from Montessori school and their dads all met for dinner. Dinner and a date!

daddy-daughter-2016After dinner, they headed to the dance to party the night away with her friends, daddy and a few glow sticks! I’m not even sure what is happening in this picture – but that is a lot of happy girls, having a lot of fun!!


It’s always so fun to see how excited she is and I hope she remembers her fun evenings with Daddy forever!


This is a look back at 2015, her first daddy/daughter dance. She has grown a lot in just a year – she is getting so tall and was just as excited as this year!


My year in review – 2015

I may be a few weeks late with getting into 2016, but it has been a BUSY few months and weeks as we started 2016. Better late than never!

2015 was an adventure in itself, never mind all the awesome things we were able to do. It seems like such a fast year, but looking back at everything that happened, everything that we experienced and everything that changed for my little family, it was a busy and full year – full of excitement and changes! Even if just for my own sake, let’s take a quick look back at 2015.

January 2015: 

A new year, a fresh start. During January we were setting off on a new adventure as the company I work for was purchased and we were joining a new family. The transition has gone smoothly and I am really happy with how my job situation has turned out of the past year. I’m happy to be part of the Expedia Inc. Family!


New adventures for the roaming gnome ! #worklife

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February 2015:

February was my birthday month – and the month that I finally got to visit the #1 place on my travel bucket list: Venice, Italy. We left on my birthday for a 2 week vacation to europe, in the middle of a Texas snowstorm. The fact we left without major delays and got everywhere we needed to be on time is a miracle in itself. Venice was amazing and I hope to make it back again soon.

March 2015:

Our vacation continued into March when we visited Paris and London. London, one of Kyle’s top places to go and one of my favorite spots. Paris was an adventure as well, where we were able to have a few moments captured beautifully. It was a vacation of a lifetime and I can’t wait to take another big trip like that!

April 2015:

April was a pretty uneventful month. The weather was getting nice again outside and Lennox started playing outside a lot with her friends. April also brought Edgefest – the best music festival of the year in DFW! I always like going to this one and can’t wait for 2016’s festival.

#Edgefest a view from above

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Lennox also go to go to her first Rangers baseball game (that she can remember!)


May 2015:

We took our annual family trip to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Texas. This year, we stayed in a little cabin right at the park and although it was suppose to be a very rainy weekend – we still had a blast and Lennox experienced her first water rollercoaster!

During May I also go to reconnect with my friend Censie at SoFabOTR. It was local here in DFW, so it wasn’t a trip for me but I’m glad Censie was able to make it. We also got to see a grade A cover band at the Glass Cactus. So very funny!


Hey look I won a selfie stick – I can only imagine what Lennox will be running around the house taking pictures with!

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June 2015:
June was a busy month! Lennox turned FIVE (whoa!) and had a super fun Hello Kitty birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses. 
Kyle and I also traveled to Vermont to be part of one of a very special day for my an amazing friend, Meagan and her now husband, Dan. Being part of her wedding was a lot of fun and it was great to connect with a bunch of my Camp Champ friends.
July 2015:

During July we made our annual trip to Cape Cod to visit Grandma & Papa. It was a vacation that was full of fun in the sun. Lennox is addicted to the beach and could have stayed there all day, everyday. From sand castles to catching fish to the ice cream truck – she was in heaven. A surprise visit from her second cousins just was the cherry on top!

Lennox found 11 starfish at the beach tonight! #capecod #capecodinsta #vacation #travelA photo posted by Heather Terrell (@heatherterrell) on

Unfortunately in July we also had to say goodbye to one of most favorite pets, Gracie. I miss her everyday still, her little purrs will always be missed.

August 2015:

In august we thought we were starting our last few months at Montessori school for Lennox. We were getting our house ready to put on the market and there was no reason to switch schools for Lennox. Well – little did we know that it would only be the last few weeks of Montessori for her!  Our house did go on the market and that was the start of an eventful fall!


Well… This happened yesterday. #moving

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September 2015:

With our house on the market, and 2 weeks into the school year, I received the call I had been waiting for – Lennox got into her first choice school by pure luck and one empty slot! We hustled to get everything ready and off to her first day of official Kindergarten she went. It has been a HARD year for her so far, but I know in the end it will be all worth it for her.

October 2015:

Turks and Caicos! I was SO excited to be heading to Social Media on the Sands this past october. Getting to meet with a great friend, Censie and her husband Jeremy again as well as FINALLY meeting Molly & her husband. It was another amazing trip in paradise and I hope we can do it again. A true highlight and much needed break in the hectic fall that we had.

When we returned, we had so much house drama but it all worked out in the end and we sold our house!

November 2015:

November was full of moving. We had to pack up, move to a rental house for a month before we could move into our new home. All while trying to keep things semi-normal for Lennox. We were not very successful at doing that, but we got through it.


December 2015
The month of the move! We finally got to move into our new home and it was so great to finally be in our space again and get our stuff back from storage! We tried to make Christmas and life as normal as possible again for Lennox but it has been a challenge.


This is such a small look into what 2015 had going on, but if I was to include everything I’d have a whole book! Here’s to a great 2016!

Lennox is a Girl Scout!

Last month Lennox became a girl scout Daisy and had her first troop meeting! This is exciting for me because I remember being a Daisy when I was in kindergarten. My mom and another friend’s mom were the leaders and we would meet in the school cafeteria. 


Her troop is small, but that’s ok! I hope they form some fun friendships, learn some great skills, work on great projects and just have fun all the time together. We are working on her uniform, but she has earned a lot of badges so far and I will have to showcase those soon. But the last meeting was on Halloween and they all wore their costumes – it was a fun meeting.


Here I am with my Daisy Girl Scout Troop at our Girl Scout camp – I can’t wait for Lennox to do this too!

Daisy Girl Scouts

I hope that Lennox enjoys girl scouts just as much as I did and goes from Daisy to Brownie to Girl Scout! And let’s not forget about Cookie Time