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Last Few Months of Montessori

Yesterday should have been Lennox’s first day at public kindergarten but we are in the (crazy) process of getting our house on the market and eventually moving. Since we’ll be moving to a different town we decided to leave Lennox in her Montessori school for a few more months. She spends so much time there and her little world is going to change so much, that keeping something constantly the same (school), was a good idea that my dad came up with. Thanks Dad!


So yesterday, even though she goes to Montessori year round, was an exciting day for Lennox. Her teacher from last year (who has been on Maternity leave since February), was back and Lennox could not wait to get to school and see her! This year she is the big kid in class, and gets to be a class leader to help out the littles.

We saved the traditional back to school photos for when she starts public kindergarten later this year, but I just had to snap a few pictures before she headed out the door – as she looked extra cute and excited!


Here’s to a great few last months of Montessori where she can “stretch her mind” (as her teacher says), and learn so much! Soak in the goodness Lennox, we sure will miss Montessori once we leave!

Lennox Turns 5!

Today is a big day. Today Lennox turns FIVE YEARS OLD. FIVE!! I can’t even process this thought right now. My little girl really is no longer a little girl. Five seems like such a big milestone. The baby years are over, the toddler years are over and kindergarten starts soon! Wow time really does fly. 

My sister in law is pregnant with her first child, and her friend told her something that is SO very true. The days are long but the years are fast. We’ve had 1,826 days with Lennox. Some of those days have been LONG days, some of them have been short days and we have had good days and bad days, but mostly we have just the right amount of time days, that are great! But, the years have flown by. Someone who was this little:

one week old lennox

Lennox blowing bubbles

is now this big:




and she has made us the happiest mommy and daddy ever!

Lennox woke up excited for the day! She went to school with Kyle for a Father’s Day breakfast. Then later today she has her Montessori Celebration of Life. This year, Kyle gets to experience it all and I can’t wait to hear all about it. She’ll have an evening full of playing, a special dinner, cupcakes and presents. I think it’s great to be FIVE!

Happy Birthday to our BIG girl, Lennox. We love you and are so very proud of the person you are becoming!!

Summer School 2013 vs 2014 vs 2015!

One more comparison photos for the end of school year / start of summer! Until august, she will be attending the Montessori summer program at her existing Montessori school.


It was unexpected but the school decided to let her move up to the secondary level of Montessori, so she will be in the elementary program through the summer! That means new teacher, new classroom and lots of new and advanced work. I’m really excited for her! I have heard mixed thoughts on her new teacher, but we’ll hope for the best!

During the summer session, they will get to focus on the solar system and the living world around them! I’m also excited to put her into TOTs summer camp – a space camp and a dino camp, mixed with basketball – should be interesting! 


Here’s to a great summer for everyone!