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Weekend Wrap-up >> Instagram

As usual, we had another busy weekend. Next weekend? I have no big plans and I’m looking forward to it, as is Lennox’s nap schedule I think! I haven’t done a weekend recap in quite some time, so I figured today was as good a time as any!

First off, I’m so glad that they found the Boston Marathon Bombers and it will be interesting to see what other facts unfold. After the bombing happened, I had to wear my Boston shirt to work!


Lennox had her first “nastics” (Gymnastics) class at The Little Gym this weekend. She love love loved it! The teacher thought she would be shy and just wander around, was he wrong! She jumped right in and was perfectly comfortable doing everything she was shown how to do. Since that was her introductory class and it went well, we decided to sign her up for classes. I’m hoping to get in 2 classes a week as long as our schedule works — figure that is the best way to get the most out of our money (they let you attend any class you want as long as there is room on top of your permanent class day).

As if that didn’t tire her out, she then headed down the street to our neighbors house for a birthday party! They rented a bounce house and the kids just had a blast. They jumped for about 3 hours! Near the end, her cousin Henry came over for the night, and tried out some jumping as well. He was nervous but Lennox showed him the ropes and then he had a blast too.  I’m pretty jealous of all their fun. I would of loved a bounce house at my house as a kid!03-instagram-42213

Lennox likes to dress Henry up with all her “jewels” — I have to take pictures each time for blackmail later on in life 😉

Our next door neighbors got some new outdoor play toys and asked if we wanted their hand-me-downs. For free? Sure why not! They are a little faded but it doesnt relaly matter, espeically here in Texas – Everything fades so fast as it is. I brought the kids out there this morning…and? She was SO SO excited! She ran back to me and said, “Thank you mommy, good job! I’m so proud of you!” I guess she is proud that I’m a good mommy? I have no idea, but she loves her playhouse and new sandbox (even minus the sand!) She even washed her house all out today and dried it off w/  a towel – that will be her new chore this summer!05-instagram-42213Lastly? We headed about an hour from home to the other side of Weatherford (for those of you not from the area, we headed OUT of the city into the “country”). We went to attend the first birthday party for Amanda from Princess of the Panhandle‘s daughter, Teale. Lennox had fun watching the kids play, eating sweet treats and playing dress up. Thanks for inviting us Amanda!
01-instagram-42213Another busy and fun weekend has come to an end. Next weekend, I plan on getting some things done around the house with Lennox; maybe some gardening and art projects!

Pretty Princess Afternoon

I have mentioned in the past, how wonderful our neighbors are. I feel so lucky to have neighbors that are nice, supportive and above all, FUN! A group of us have been forming a close relationship, to the point where my next door neighbor and I will ask any type of favor or for any item at the last minute…

Let me give you a funny example…

The phone rings at about 7:30pm, asking if we have ketchup. Ok, easy request — yes we do! I figure, I will give her the bottle and she will bring it back later. No.. her daughter (7) comes and knocks at the door, WITH her dinner plate full of food and asks for a squirt! Totally random, funny and a complete snapshot of how we work together!

So anyway, where am I going with this? This past weekend all the moms decided to head to Dallas to see Disney on Ice – Rockin’ Ever After with our pretty little princesses…


I had never been to a Disney on Ice performance before, so I really had no idea what to expect. We were able to sit about 10 rows from the ice, so the girls had a good view of all their favorite princess characters.

We had The Little Mermaid…..Little Mermaid - Disney on Ice Rockin Ever After

And then Tangled….I love the lanterns!Tangled - Disney on Ice Rockin Ever After

Beauty and the Beast — This one had the best set!Beauty and the Beast - Disney on Ice Rockin Ever After

And the newest Princess — Merida from Brave. Brave Disney on Ice

Intermission with one of her best buds!lennox-caroline Ariel Disney on Ice Rockin Ever After Lennox was not happy that Belle was not wearing her yellow princess dress during her show, but at the end, they all came out again and she was wearing yellow!Belle Disney on Ice Rockin Ever After It wouldn’t be Disney on Ice, without the classic Disney characters – Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy! Lennox did IMMEDIATELY notice that Daisy was not there… and hasn’t let it go since!disney-on-ice-rockin-ever-after

The show really was well put together and the same quality as any show at Disney World itself. I will say, it is an expensive experience if you let it be. Thankfully for us, I got discount tickets through work for everyone and Lennox wasn’t old enough to ask for 10 toys… Yes, I did still buy her a 3x too expensive stuffed Ariel – but that is all. I got out of there with only spending $30 – I call that a mommy…budget.. win!


It was a fun filled day full of little girl giggles, only a few whines and mommy eye rolls and LOTS OF FUN!