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Nursery is coming together!

The nursery is coming all together now – we have pretty much everything set up – still need to hang the quilt on the wall and we are putting her name on the pink wall, just leaving that until the very end so that we know we put it in the right position.

We had our neighborhood yard sales this weekend and I found some great stuff! I was able to get the jungle playmat for $8, in perfect condition – they are usually $70!

Also found a bunch of clothing, books, wipe warmer and a few toys! All in all it was successful. Kim found a bunch of stuff for Biscuit as well πŸ™‚

Here are a few pictures, you can view them all here:

Bookshelf — most all the books are from consignment sales and yard sales — all under $1 each πŸ™‚


changing table area

Cute rattles I found for 25 cents πŸ™‚

Week 32

Just under 2 months left until Baby Lennox is here! We have been busy bee’s here in the Terrell household. As you know we had our shower a few weekends ago – we had a great time! Thanks again to everyone who came and gave Lennox, Kyle & I gifts!

This past Saturday we had our prepared childbirth class – all day! We were afraid it was going to be pretty boring and long and not overly helpful but felt like we needed to take it – we were completely wrong! It didn’t feel long at all, we had fun and we learned a lot of very useful information! We have 2 more classes coming up and then we will be as prepared as we are going to be πŸ™‚ At this point, we are both ready for Lennox to come but we know she has to cook a little bit longer in there! She will be here before we know it!

We have started looking in daycare and all that fun stuff, we have plenty of time still but we have a few different options that we are looking into.

Other than doing all of that – we have been working hard on the nursery (I’ll have some new pictures later this week, hopefully!) We have almost everything put together, just have some organization to do. It’s really coming together well, very cute!

Anyway – here is my latest belly picture – you can tell that i’m very tired these days!

Belly at 31 Weeks 4 Days

What’s currently going on:

Pregnancy: 31 Weeks 4 Days
Weight Gain: as of last week 9-10 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight
Sleep: Not so great — I am up a bazillion times to either pee, eat or toss & turn!
Feeling: Tired, can’t you tell? Other than that, my body is starting to get sore, especially by the end of the day, harder and harder to hold up that tummy! Out of breath very quickly as well — glad my bedroom isn’t upstairs!
Health: Heartburn is still a daily occurrence – I’m not a fan at all! The other day a lifesaver gave me heartburn, who knew that was even possible! PUPPs is better, thankfully! I was ready to tear my skin off! Lots and lots of leg cramps πŸ™
Movement: Moving around lots – she is getting less and less space in there so its more pushes and shoves – she will push back if you push her, it’s kind of a game!
Belly: Bigger and bigger! No stretch marks πŸ™‚ Measurement – TBD on Friday
Next Appointment: We are at the every 2 week stage of my pregnancy, so I go back this Friday (23rd) for 2 more visits and then i’ll switch to once a week then she’ll be here!!

Nursery updates coming soon!

Two more DIY projects done for Lennox’s nursery…

Finished two more DIY projects today for Lennox’s nursery. First are the wooden letters for her name to go on the wall near her crib – white with hot pink ribbon – the wall will be a light pink color and the furniture will be all white – so it should match pretty well – all for about $10 total.

Second I made a bow holder to hang in the closet or on the wall somewhere – you can just clip on the little bows to the ribbons that are hanging down on the bottom – another cheap project that cost about $6 total πŸ™‚