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I need some suggestions…

I need some suggestions…on how to make mornings before school, better for Lennox.

Each morning when I wake up Lennox (or when she wakes up, but usually it’s the other way around), Lennox doesn’t want to get up. Once she gets up, she watches a little cartoon and eats her breakfast then we get dressed and ready for school. That is when the fight starts. She doesn’t want to get dressed, because she doesn’t want to go to school.

When we ask her why she doesn’t want to go to school, she doesn’t have a good answer. I understand she doesn’t want to leave us, and all that, but she knows we are both going to work and there isn’t another option. Once we are at school, most days she is happy and we go off to work. Some days she is crying when I leave her, but I know she calms down quickly. The rest of the day goes well and she is happy to be at school according to everyone there. When I pick her up, she is happy and sometimes doesn’t want to leave!

This summer she gets to do fun things at school such as Music class, Art, Science, Chinese, etc. There is not a lack of activities so she is kept busy.

But every morning, we have to have this fight about getting dressed and going to school and it’s exhausting and not how I want any of us to start our day.

Does anyone else go through this with their child? Any suggestions on how to make the morning a little better?

Preparing Your Child for Their First Haircut

Today my friend Shaun from Driving Miss Peanut is posting some tips on how to prepare your child for their first haircut! Lennox has actually only had one hair cut and it went well – but it was a minor cut! Some kids, don’t do well, while others do! I hope her tips help you and your child!

Paige was born blessed in the hair department. Her hair isn’t too thin and pretty straight (nothing like mine at all). It grew in even and straight all over, which seemed kinda insane to me.

We decided to get her hair cut to help promote growth (that’s why you get your hair cut, right?). The thing was, we used getting a haircut as an example to brush her hair and keep it up and keep it out of her face. When we said “haircut” the look of panic on her face was almost comical, but brought some worry that she wasn’t ready.


  • Our first step was to reassure her that getting your haircut is OK. Marc was actually due for a haircut and since he cuts his own hair, we had her watch and “help”.
  • We picked a salon we knew and trusted…the best part was I went to high school with the stylist we selected!
  • We took a pair of scissors and snipped a few pieces of her and my own hair. Nothing that would be noticeable but so she could see that it doesn’t hurt.
  • We skipped washing her hair to keep the visit short in case she couldn’t handle it.
  • We got to the salon early. She was able to walk around and see people getting their hair cut, colored, permed, and washed. She got to sit with Katie, her stylist, who showed and talked her through the whole process.
  • We chopped off a max of a 1/4″. We didn’t make any changes – no bangs or drastic changes.
  • We took her out to a pick out a prize (think Target Dollar Spot).

Here is the final before and after picture of Paige:


Thanks for letting me guest post, Heather, and I hope you have a great time in Colorado!! You can find me on my corner of the internet at Driving Miss Peanut, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!


Is This Normal?

So I have a question for all my readers who have a 3 – 4 year old. Lennox is all of a sudden interested in telling me about things are dead or dying, or pretending to die. It’s all in a good nature – but its a weird turn in her stories. I don’t think she really understands what it means – since its always in a playful nature – but its WEIRD!

Today on the way to school – she told me that there were people walking in the road (there were no people around), a car hit them and they died, then the tow truck came and got the car and fixed it and it was now all better…. WHAT?!

Or she pretended to be dead this morning when she didn’t want to do something… and then said NOOOO! I’m just sleeping silly!

It’s all silly – but its weird to hear her pretend that something is dead or dying. I’m assuming its related to learning about living and non-living things at school or it could be from being around 5 and 6 year old kids at school, playing games…

I’ve started telling her not to say that and that it makes Mommy sad – but I don’t think its making a difference so far.

Anyone else experience this?