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Gift Guide: Monster ClarityHD Ear Buds

Have a music lover or a gadget/tech lover on your Christmas list? If so, you have to check out the new Monster ClarifyHD In-Ear Headphones. They are the best earbuds out there and they will make anyone want to break up with their current ear buds!


The reason – they sound great, they are built great and they fit great! These ear buds won’t fall out of your ears! I hate that about the ear buds that came with my phone. They hurt my ears, they fall out anytime you are walking around with them and the sound is only “okay”. 


With the Monster ClarifyHD Headphones, the following features make these the best in-ear headphones out there!

  • Advanced construction with reinforcement at critical stress points
  • Ergonomically designed, with multiple ear tips for a better fit
  • Won’t fall out of your ears like other earbuds
  • Premium sound quality at an incredible value
  • Superior noise isolation
  • ControlTalk Universal for clearer calls, simple music controls
  • Flat, tangle-resistant cable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Low-profile right angle connector 

While testing them out – the sound is amazing, they are so comfortable and they really do feel high quality.  They come in a variety of colors for each tech lover on your christmas list or even yourself! 

Monster ClarityHD Headphones retail at $49.99 but if you are thinking of buying them soon, use the promo code MONSTERNATION on and receive 20% off all monster products. Offer is valid through Christmas day!

Note: I am part of Monster Nation to help review and promote Monster products. All opinions are my own.

Foolproof Do-it-Yourself Photo Coasters

As a member of the HP Smart Mom Panel for 2015 and a participate in the latest #StickaPic party campaign, I have been having lots of fun using the new HP Social Media Snapshots product. I had planned on having a party with our neighbors before moving, but if you know me in real life, you’ll know that we have had a lot of unplanned changes and stress from selling our house and buying a new house. Things are finally calming down so it was time to test this product out!

Photo from

If you are unfamiliar with this new product, the HP Social Media Snapshots are just that – a way to print out your social media photos directly from your smartphone or tablet. The photo paper has a sticky backing and they print out in the style of Polaroids (4×5 inches). Pin them up, stick them up or use them in a craft – there are so many projects you can use this photo paper for. 


Now that we are currently settled into a rental house for a month (oi!) – I’m trying to have lots of fun with Lennox. This weekend we had a craft morning and started working on some Christmas presents featuring HP Social Media Snapshots.


This Christmas will be full of personalized goodies for our family and the first item we tested out was making Photo Coasters. I’ve always seen tutorials on how to make them, but they required mod podge or nail polish remover, and lots of other materials that were messy. But I have now solved that problem and made making photo coasters pretty much foolproof! Here is what you need to do.


Foolproof DIY Photo Coasters


  • HP Social Media Snapshots Paper (Available at Staples)
  • Printer (I recommend the HP Envy 5660)
  • White Tiles (13 Cents at Home Depot!)
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Glossy Finisher
  • Felt Circles


How to make easy DIY Photo Coasters:

STEP ONE: Using the HP Snapshots mobile app and HP Social Media Snapshots paper, print out your favorite photos from either your camera roll, Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. The HP Snapshots app is available for free in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.


STEP TWO: If using a tile that is 4×4, you will find that the photo is just the right size! Cut out the photos for each coaster.


STEP THREE: Taking your first photo, peel the back off the photo paper to reveal the sticky backing. This is perfect for this project as there is no glue required! 


STEP FOUR: Stick the photo onto your tile. Once you stick it down, since the backing is so sticky – it will stay put. Try to make sure you have no air bubbles.


STEP FIVE: Once you are ready to seal your photo coaster, bring outside and spray with an acrylic gloss finisher. You can find this at Michaels. This spray will protect the photo as well as give the tile a glossy look. You will need to spray the tiles 3-4 times, drying for 20-30 minutes between layers. Let dry completely.


STEP SIX: Once completely dry, turn over and adhere felt dots to each corner to help protect the surface the coasters will set on.

photo-coaster-how-to-05That’s it! Let them dry fully and set for a day before giving them as a gift – just in case!photo-coastersAlso, let your kids have fun and decorate their own. Color on the with sharpies, add glitter, glue, gems, etc. The possibilities are endless and its a great project to do with any age group – young and

Disclaimer: As an HP Smart Mom Panel member, I received free products in order in return for this #StickaPic post. All opinions are 100% my own.

disney imagicademy mickeys magical math world

New Learning iPad Apps from Disney

Our iPad has seen better days, thanks to Lennox dropping it… but that hasn’t stopped her from using it in a case. She uses it a lot while we travel and I’m always looking for new apps to keep her entertained – whether it’s in the car on a road trip, while on vacation or even on the airplane. Disney is launching a new learning brand created for families with children ages 3-8. The brand aims to engage and enrich children through the power of imagination and creativity. When I heard about this, I wanted to try it out and then share it with you too!

The new app is Mickey’s Magical Math World. In this app, which is currently FREE to download, kids can play with Mickey, Minnie and all their Disney pals while heading out on a space adventure. During their adventure with their Disney friends, they work on a variety of math concepts, such as early problem solving, addition, subtraction, and counting. This app is only currently available on the iPad.

disney imagicademy mickeys magical math world

I downloaded this app for Lennox and handed the iPad over to her. I gave her no direction or help with the app and just watched how she used it. She IMMEDIATELY figured it out and was so excited when she saw Minnie Mouse! She went back and forth between many different games and sat and played with it for quite some time. I love that all the games have an underlying math theme, all of which are in line with what she has been learning at school lately.


That app is for the kids, while Disney also has an app for parents that is really great, the Disney Imagicademy: Parents. This app, also FREE to download, is a new app that can be your new “go-to” resource for connecting with other parents with children of similar ages. The IMAGICADEMY is “where imagination rules, creativity is king, and learning comes naturally.”  Use this app as a resource to read daily articles, activities and tips to help you be better parents and more involved in your child’s learning and growth.


I really love how this app gives you SO many great ideas. I especially like the printables and craft ideas. There are even recipes for things like clay, craft kits, and more. I look forward to keeping up with the articles and finding some fun activities to do with Lennox. With this new app, parents and families can really be part of a community that celebrates their children’s creativity and curiosity. This app is available on both the iPad and iPhone.

If you have an iPad that your child uses, I would highly recommend that you download the new Disney Imagicademy apps and start watching your child learn! Disney Imagicademy apps are available exclusively for iPad and can currently be found on Apple’s App Store in the Kids, Education and Entertainment categories.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.