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Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Pie

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Pie

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! The ultimate treat during the summer is ice cream, hands down! Just think of all those summers as a kid when you would be so excited to get to have some cold, creamy ice cream! Whether it was an ice cream cone, a hot fudge sundae or another type of ice cream treat – it was always SO good, right?

The summer’s are long and hot here in Texas, so having some cool treats in the evenings is something that I love to keep in the freezer for my daughter and the whole family. We tend to play outside after school or even hit the community pool, so after dinner we are all ready for a  delicious treat!


I’m always making new delicious treats, but I’ve always wanted to make my own ice cream cake or pie and I just never have tried. I assumed they were way too much work – however, this summer I decided to figure out an easy way to make one and I think I was successful!

The Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Pie that I’m going to share with you, is so easy to make and really only takes a few minutes. It even is a great recipe to have your kid’s help you with! It’s almost foolproof. Keep in mind, you can make it a head of time and store it in your freezer for whenever you decide you need a cool treat to beat the heat.


I headed to Walmart to figure out which ice cream flavors I wanted to purchase, and I found that Blue Bunny had the best selection of flavors for this recipe; Cherry Chocolate and Chocolate.

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Pie

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Pie



  1. Take your ice cream out 10-15 minutes before making you pie. This will let it soften. The softer the ice cream the better really.
  2. Once your chocolate ice cream has softened, scoop 3-4 scoops of ice cream into the cookie crust. If it is tough to spread around still – let sit and soften a bit more. 
  3. Once you have an even layer of chocolate ice cream, move on to the Blue Bunny Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate ice cream.
  4. Fill the rest of the pie crust with cherry ice cream. Again, let sit if it is not soft enough.
  5. Once you have filled the pie crust, cover and place into fridge for 20-30 minutes so that it can harden back up. It can be stored for longer if you are not ready to serve it. 
  6. Prior to serving, remove from freezer, top with whipped cream, cherries and any other toppings you would like (chocolate pieces, cookie crumbles, jimmies, etc).
  7. Cut and serve!

If you would like to try Blue Bunny ice cream for yourself, your local Walmart  may be having a demo on June 20th and will be featuring Vanilla Ice Cream with Biscoff. Check for your store here.

Easy Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Pie, Easy Dessert Recipe

Doesn’t this look good? I can’t wait to try some other Blue Bunny flavors as well and experiment with other ice cream pie combinations!

Check out all the flavors at What is your favorite flavor? What kind of Ice Cream Pie would you make?

Our Weekend at Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels

Schlitterbahn, for those of you who are not from Texas, is considered one of the best waterparks in the WORLD, and I would have to agree. There are multiple Schlitterbahn parks now, but the original is located in New Braunfels and it couldn’t be better! This was our second trip down there and it was even better than the first.

First, let me say, when we were heading down, it was raining and pouring, as it has been in Texas for the last 2 months, everyday. I was worried our weekend getaway was really going to be ruined, but thankfully, Texas decided to give us a little bit of a break and we got some great waterpark time in! Of course, the park is open when it rains, you are already wet you know, but t-storms are what close it down temporarily. I’m glad the weather decided to be stay in our favor for the majority of the long weekend.

There really isn’t enough good things I could say about Schlitterbahn to give you the real picture of how great this park is. There are multiple areas, days and days worth of activities and water attractions and they even have on-site lodging to give you an even better waterpark experience!

This time we did stay on property at the Resort at Schlitterbahn – Riverbend Cabins. They are located right along The Falls, the Comal River and near the big slides that open early! Although it can be a bit pricey to stay on property, we really felt it was worth it – as we planned on spending the majority of our time at the water park! If you are going for the weekend and only plan on one day, there may be a better option for you.

We went to the park, all three days, taking advantage of the early entry for resort guests one day. This let us get in a bunch of slide rides before there were ANY lines! We walked right up, got on, and then did it again and again for an hour. Usually, in the middle of the summer, the line could be 2 hours long. That is crazy!

Overall, we had SO much fun and Lennox had a blast. You would have thought she was at Disney World. She would just light up with joy when it was time to get into the water and she was fearless! She went on all the big rides, including the biggest water coaster in the world, the Master Blaster! So much fun! Here are a bunch of photos from our trip!













I will say, even if you hit Schlitterbahn at a busy time of year – there are a ton of rides and attractions to go on that have no line, ever – which is so nice! It’s totally up to you, on how you want to spend your time. So if you ever get the chance to go, GO! We can’t wait for our next annual trip! 

Kid's Lilly Pulitzer Boom Boom Jumpsuit Romper

The Bluebonnets are Blooming in Texas!

The bluebonnets are in full bloom this year in Texas. We had a pretty mild winter and a good amount of rain so we have been able to have a full, long season of bluebonnets! If you are unaware of the bluebonnet tradition, you should read this, but the long and short – pretty much every kid gets their picture taken in the bluebonnets at some point if you live in Texas! It’s a Texas Tradition. Lennox loves these flowers and we always have some fun taking pictures!


 We tried some new places to take pictures this year. My neighbor found a field in Grapevine, that was not as thick, but it was quiet, away from the road and had some great trees surrounding it, for a good backdrop! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that field.

texas-bluebonnets-2015-02 texas-bluebonnets-2015-03

She looks so big, but when we found a thick full of Bluebonnets this weekend close to the house, I realized just how big she really is! Hello legs for days – Lennox is getting SO tall!texas-bluebonnets-2015-04 texas-bluebonnets-2015-05 texas-bluebonnets-2015-06 texas-bluebonnets-2015-07

It’s great to look back at her bluebonnet pictures from the years – and watch her grow up with this fun tradition! Here is a quick look back: