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Our Weekend Escape to Jay, Vermont

This past weekend we were able to sneak away from Texas for a few days. The reason? One of our best friends, Meagan and Dan, were getting married! A little background – Meagan was a friend of mine from the start at College. In the program we were in, there were very few girls, so a friendship started quickly between us. We continued to be friends throughout our 4 years there in Vermont. After college, we stayed in touch and always check in with each other at all major milestones and moments in our lives, even from Texas and Vermont. When Kyle and I got married in 2007, Meagan was our maid of honor. She did a great job and I was honored to be part of her special day as well, this past weekend! Dan, was someone we both knew in college as well – she has even known him for longer. He is a great guy and I’m so happy they found each other. I know they will have a great life together.


So as I was saying, we were able to escape and spend some time in Jay, VT at Jay Peak where the wedding was taking place. If you are unfamiliar with Vermont, Jay is in the northern most part of Vermont, to the east. You are really only about 10 minutes away from Canada when you are driving around the area. It is where Meagan and Dan both grew up going skiing, where they had their first date and where Dan proposed. It was only fitting to have the wedding there too!


It’ s kind of funny that we ended up at Jay this June, since last year we ended up in Colorado in Vail at another Ski Resort and we don’t ski! I think ski resorts are great in the summer months though, especially when you are from Texas!!

vermont-01They have a new resort and it is gorgeous! I forget the natural beauty that is Vermont and New England every time I’m away for a long time here in Texas. I love Texas, but man, it’s not nearly as pretty as New England.vermont-03So green, so lush and the temperature and weather was PERFECT! Even the cows down the road looked good!

The wedding itself went off really well! Meagan did an amazing job of getting it all together and of course, since she is a designer, everything was beautiful. 
vemront-04 As I’ve said before, It’s important to get away from time to time, as a couple without your kid(s) with you. We had a great time, it was nice sleeping in, doing whatever we wanted and just having fun as a couple rather than “mom and dad”! 

Of course, Lennox had a great time too at her Mimi’s house, as she always does! It was nice to get back to her though – and her quirky / sassy ways. 


Now, it’s time to get back to reality. We have a little girl who is turning FIVE YEARS OLD this week!! 

A Fun Weekend

This weekend was another busy one but not as crazy busy, as some of the past weekends have been! I started off the weekend by going and getting my hair cut and colored. It was time for a good/different change and I went with a dark hair color and shorter cut. I love it – what do you think?


After that it was time to prepare for Kentucky Derby weekend! We were invited to a friend’s house for a derby party on Saturday and they suggested wearing Derby attire, including bow ties for men and hats for ladies – with a contest for the best of each! I’m not a hat person and especially not a big hat w/ a big ol’ flower on it, type of person – but I tried my best!


If you are ever looking to make a quick derby hat – this is what you will need: Hot glue, One sun hat (I found one at Kohls & Gap), some ribbon, rhinestone/pearls and fake flowers – the bigger, the better with all of the above! I put it all together and I’m pretty happy with how it came out – AND I won best hat at the party – pretty fun!

DIY Derby Hat

I made Lennox a hat as well from an old dress-up Easter hat – added a flower & clip on butterfly and she was happy!

DIY Kid's Kentucky Derby Hat

We had never been to a Kentucky Derby party before, so it was a fun event! We all bet a few bucks on different horses, but we didn’t win – oh well! We did get to try Mint Julips, which are not at all as I expected – but fun none the less!


Lennox wanted the party to go on forever I think, she had so much fun with all her friends – both new and old. They had a bounce house in the back yard, music playing, pin the tail on the donkey, food, FROZEN, etc – they had blast.

One of her all time best buds, Gabby, doesn’t go to school with her anymore, and she got to spend the day with her – they were so happy together!


Sunday, we had a day at home doing some chores, family breakfast and then we headed to the spray park for the first time this summer season with Lennox. She was so excited she wouldn’t even take a nap! The temperature got to 96 in DFW so it was a HOT one. I thought the water would be FREEZING still, but it wasn’t too bad and the kids didn’t mind at all!


So that is our weekend – how was yours? I bet it didn’t get to 96 degrees where you live!!

A Quick Getaway & Weekend Recap

As I mentioned on Friday, our six-year wedding anniversary was this past weekend. We had a great time getting away for 24 hours and having some time to ourselves without Lennox. We love doing things with Lennox of course, but sometimes we just need a little break – like everyone else!

We had planned on heading to the Texas State Fair but the traffic was crazy and it just wasn’t worth it so we spent the day in Dallas.

anniversary-weekend-recapHere is a little photo recap of our weekend!

  1. Kyle got me a Michael Kors purse as an Anniversary gift! I love it! First Michael Kors bag 🙂 He has pretty good taste!
  2. I got Kyle Pearl Jam concert tickets. I think he was pretty surprised – he’s a big fan but didn’t know they were going to be in town next month!
  3. After dropping Lennox off at my sister’s house for the day/night – we headed to Dallas for Brunch/Lunch before doing some shopping. Toasting to our 6 year anniversary with a yummy Mimosa at Breadwinners.
  4. For dinner we went to Lawry’s and this was our Fantasy chocolate cake. It was AMAZING and HUGE! We had more than half to bring home, and still have more after having seconds!
  5. The only anniversary picture of us that we got – oops! Double selfy.
  6. Sometimes we seem really old – instead of going out after our late dinner – we decided to head back to our hotel in Dallas and enjoy the fact that we don’t have to listen to the baby monitor or get woken up early by Lennox. We watched the end of the Red Sox game – GO RED SOX, we’re off to the World Series!
  7. After picking up Lennox – we brought home her decorated Pumpkin that she did with her cousin Henry. It’s very…unique! I think its Tom Landry inspired too – check out the hat!
  8. A little walk with Lennox and Daisy was in order – Daisy looks crazy.
  9. And finally, some outside playtime after nap with her friend Caroline and her new Ziggle Radio Flyer! Zingle Zaggle as she would say.

Thanks for all the well wishes from everyone – here’s to many many more anniversary celebrations!