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The Bluebonnets are Blooming in Texas!

The bluebonnets are in full bloom this year in Texas. We had a pretty mild winter and a good amount of rain so we have been able to have a full, long season of bluebonnets! If you are unaware of the bluebonnet tradition, you should read this, but the long and short – pretty much every kid gets their picture taken in the bluebonnets at some point if you live in Texas! It’s a Texas Tradition. Lennox loves these flowers and we always have some fun taking pictures!


 We tried some new places to take pictures this year. My neighbor found a field in Grapevine, that was not as thick, but it was quiet, away from the road and had some great trees surrounding it, for a good backdrop! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that field.

texas-bluebonnets-2015-02 texas-bluebonnets-2015-03

She looks so big, but when we found a thick full of Bluebonnets this weekend close to the house, I realized just how big she really is! Hello legs for days – Lennox is getting SO tall!texas-bluebonnets-2015-04 texas-bluebonnets-2015-05 texas-bluebonnets-2015-06 texas-bluebonnets-2015-07

It’s great to look back at her bluebonnet pictures from the years – and watch her grow up with this fun tradition! Here is a quick look back:





Lennox in the Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnet Photos 2014

Every Spring the Bluebonnets bloom in Texas. Some years they are great, some years they are so hard to find, this year – it has been a pretty great year. You just have to be able to get out there on a day that it’s not cloudy or raining! Friday and Saturday were BEAUTIFUL days and I was able to get out and capture some moments in the Texas Bluebonnets with Lennox. We didn’t do it as a full family this year, since Kyle was out-of-town – but that’s ok. My main goal was to get a few good shots of Lennox and I think I succeeded!

Texas BluebonnetsQuickly, if you haven’t been following me for the past few years, you may be wondering what the heck Bluebonnets are. Bluebonnets are the official state flower of Texas and they are actually wildflower/weed – but they line the highways and fields. It has become a Texas tradition to have your children’s photos taken in the Bluebonnets – and it is a sure sign that Spring has sprung! More about the Bluebonnet tradition here: Texas Tuesday – The Bluebonnet Tradition Explained.

Here are my favorites:

Lennox in the BluebonnetsLennox in the Bluebonnets Lennox in the Bluebonnets Lennox in the Bluebonnets Lennox in the Bluebonnets Lennox in the Bluebonnets Lennox in the Bluebonnets Lennox in the Bluebonnets And lastly, check out how much Lennox has grown between each bluebonnet season! She sure has grown into a big girl. bluebonnets-past-photosDo you have a traditional photo that you take each year?

My Appearance in the New York Times!

So some of you may remember me mentioning about a month ago that I was contacted by a writer for the New York Times about the tradition of taking photos of your children in the Texas Bluebonnets. She had found my posts about bluebonnets here on my blog and gotten in contact with me directly.

I had a phone interview with her a few weeks back, and the article was printed today in the newspaper and published online.


Although the article went a little different direction than I had expected (I don’t try to break the law while taking bluebonnet pictures!!) and there was no mention of my blog (bummer) – it still is an interesting article and pretty darn cool to have my name, as well as Lennox’s in the New York Times.. in a half page article in the first section too!

Here is the excerpt that I am included in:


You can read the full version in Section A, Page 10 on Tuesday April 23, 2013 or you can read the full article online.

PS. You can vote for one of my bluebonnet photos through Metroplex Baby & Kids — if you would vote for Lennox, that would be awesome – thank you 🙂  VOTE FOR LENNOX HERE