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At Home Store Fort Worth Texas

#AtHomeFinds at the new At Home Store

Does everyone remember Garden Ridge? Over the last year or so they all turned into the At Home store. At Home is a home decor superstore that has everything from seasonal holiday items to just about everything you need to decorate your home! I visited At Home this week that is opening in my neighborhood and I was so happy to see that there was SO many items that I wanted to buy and everything was so trendy. I won’t lie and tell you that the last time I went into Garden Ridge (prior to the change) that I was impressed, I wasn’t. It was underwhelming and not trendy – but I will tell you that At Home has really turned into a great store! I know I will be shopping there from now on.

at-home-store-ft-worth-02As you may or may not know, we are in the process of moving and I have so many things that I want/need to get once we move in. I found so many items while I was there, that I can’t wait to go back after we move in to start decorating our new home. I want to show you some of the different departments in the store and items that I plan on going back for!

Of course, one thing that everyone shops for there is seasonal decor – from Christmas Trees to inflatable, they have them and bigger than ever! at-home-store-ft-worth-03Lennox really wanted that big inflatable! She also loved the Christmas Trees. at-home-store-ft-worth-04After we cruised through the holiday stuff – we’ll be back for more of that closer to Christmas! I wanted to check out the chairs and sofa’s they had. We have a formal living room in our new house and no furniture for it! Finding items that won’t break the bank is one of my priorities too! I found this cute sofa for only $399! It was very comfortable and seemed well-built. at-home-store-ft-worth-09There were some great bar stools – every size, shape and color was available for under $100!at-home-store-ft-worth-08I also found these nice chairs – I think I may get one for my computer desk that is part of the living room.at-home-store-ft-worth-06If you don’t like those chairs – they have about 50 other ones to pick from!at-home-store-ft-worth-07And if you really are unsure of what goes together and you don’t want a true set – At Home has some great room displays set up around the store!at-home-store-ft-worth-01After leaving the chair/sofa department, we saw aisles upon aisles of pillows…at-home-store-ft-worth-10They really had every color of the rainbow! They also had aisles of wall decor from formal pieces to children’s pieces. at-home-store-ft-worth-11at-home-store-ft-worth-12

There really was a little bit of everything in the At Home store. I really am excited to go back when I have some more ideas in my mind of what I need to buy and can’t wait to decorate on a budget!

If you live in the North Fort Worth / Alliance area of Texas – your new neighborhood store, located at 2201 Porter Creek Drive has their grand opening THIS WEEKEND (starting Friday October 15th)! You don’t want to miss a weekend full of festivities, giveaways and great deals!

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refresh your bathroom for under $25

Freshen Up Your Bathroom for Under $25!

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With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the bathrooms in our house get messy, disorganized and pretty much.. blah! I wanted to do something to the bathroom that all of our guests use to freshen it up but it needed to be affordable, I did not want to break the bank. I wasn’t interested in painting, new fixtures, etc – I just wanted to find ways to refresh the look and come together with one main theme; the ocean. So I challenged myself to refresh our bathroom for under $25 and I was successful – do you want to find out how? Read on!

refresh your bathroom for under $25


This is what our bathroom looks like most days. Lennox tends to use this bathroom the most, as it’s right next to the living room and playroom – and as you probably already know – 4 year olds aren’t the best at picking up after themselves! Exhibit A, B & C:

truth-before-bathroom-pictureUndies on the floor, magazine or book on the ground, toilet paper thrown about, no hand towel (she probably left it on the floor!), misc. items on the shelf. 

Re-decorate Your Bathroom for Under $25

The very first thing you need to do is pick a theme, or at least a color that will be your main focus for the bathroom. We live in Texas, but we live in a “Cape Cod” inspired neighborhood and home – so I try to incorporate as much of “back home” into our new home! 


  • Hand Towel – $6: Head to your local home decor store or your favorite store that has a home section. I found the perfect hand towel that went with my ocean theme for only $6 at HomeGoods.
  • Hand Soap – $2.50: Soap doesn’t just have to be for washing hands! Decorative hand soap, such as the new Softsoap Liquid Foaming Hand Soap, is both useful in a bathroom setting – but also an attractive addition to any bathroom sink.
    instoreWhen I saw looking at hand soap in Walmart, I noticed that Softsoap Liquid Foaming Hand Soap had just released three new scents: Jasmine and White Cotton, Whipped Cocoa Butter and Kitchen Citrus Bliss (this is currently in our kitchen too!).
    softsoap-liquid-foaming-hand-soapI knew that the Jasmine and White cotton would go great with my bathroom refresh since it is a premium product at a great price! 
  • Trash Bin – $1 + Rope ($7): For our trashcan – we have always had the simple white trash bin that you can find at your local dollar store. I wanted to find something I could do to make it look fancier than it really is. I decided to take the rope from my nautical/ocean theme and incorporate it with the trash bin.
    How to make a nautical themed trash can, DIY rope trash can, DIY Pottery Barn Trash BinAll you have to do is buy a large (50 yards) roll of rope and wrap it around the trash bin, hot gluing it down along the way. Here is a picture showing how it progressed and the final product! For $8 I’m really happy with how it came out – and I love that it is still plastic on the inside, so it is easy to clean when needed!
    diy rope trash bin under 10 dollars
  • Toilet Paper Roll Holder – $1: Usually we have the package of toilet paper sitting on the floor somewhere in the bathroom – so finding somewhere to put a few spare rolls was on my list – I found a blue bin at the dollar store as well, that fit perfectly between the toilet and the wall – with just enough space for 2 rolls and some baby wipes. Easy and organized!
  • Decor – Glass Dish ($1), Seashells ($4), Candle ($2): Finally it was time to add some decor to the room. I had 3 shell pictures already that I hung on the wall.
    wall-decorI also purchased a blue candle for $2 at Walmart, a glass dish (which I hot glued some of the left over rope to) at the dollar store for $1 and some sea glass and seashells for $4 that I found at HomeGoods.

Total Spent: $24.50 – Success!


Forget about what you saw in the before pictures – little girl undies on the floor and all! I now have taken the steps to refresh our bathroom and I’m pretty happy with the final product! What do you think? It may not be a dramatic change – but it does look more put together, more of a cohesive theme and much more presentable when that drop-in guest asks to use the restroom!

Which of the three new Softsoap Liquid Foaming Hand Soap scents would go great on your sink?

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Glitter Canvas

Christmas Reindeer Silhouette Canvas

There is just something about Christmas decorations that I can’t get enough of. They are all so cute! I recently received a Silhouette Portrait and knew that I would find so many projects to do with it this Christmas season and that I did! I love how my first project came out, a Reindeer Silhouette Canvas and I want to show you how you can make one too!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Glitter Canvas

Reindeer Canvas Art




  1. Using a Silhouette Portrait or Silhouette CAMEO, download the “Cute Boy Reindeer Head” shape from the Silhouette Design Store and send it to the Silhouette to cut. This is so quick and the cut is as clean as can be. There really is no easier way!
    Silhouette Design Store - Reindeer
  2. Once you have cut out the reindeer’s head – this will act as your stencil/shape for your artwork!
    Reindeer Silhouette Shape Cutout
  3. Using your shape cut out as a stencil, trace it lightly onto your canvas.
  4. Using Elmer’s Glue and a small paint brush, fill in the whole traced area with glue – using the brush to get into all the smaller parts. Elmer’s Glue doesn’t dry that fast, so you don’t have to rush on this part. Try your best to get as close to the outline’s as possible so that you don’t see the trace lines on the finished project.
  5. Once you have covered the whole shape with glue, it is time to use the glitter! I chose a gold glitter for Christmas, as I just love the look of that against white. It is classic and pretty! Cover the whole area that has glue on it with glitter.
  6. Once you have covered all of it – shake the glitter off into a box or trash can. You may find a few places that need some extra glitter – using your paint brush and glue, you can add a little extra glue to those areas and add repeat the previous step!
  7. One you are happy with the way it looks – shake any excess glitter off the canvas. Using the Elmer’s Glue again, put glue all over the nose area and stick on a large red pom-pom to turn this into Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer!
    Reindeer Canvas Art Silhouette Project, Christmas Silhouette Project, Reindeer Canvas
  8. Once you are all done, you may consider spraying your canvas real quick with a sealer or even hair spray to hold in the glitter. This way, you won’t have as much glitter fall off and it will give your canvas a bit of a glossy shine! You can find this at any crafting store.

That’s it! The whole process took about 10 minutes and once dry you have a great piece of new decor to add to your mantle, wall or any other shelf in your house. The possibilities are endless when you have the Silhouette Design Store to choose shapes from!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Glitter Canvas

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