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Lennox is a Girl Scout!

Last month Lennox became a girl scout Daisy and had her first troop meeting! This is exciting for me because I remember being a Daisy when I was in kindergarten. My mom and another friend’s mom were the leaders and we would meet in the school cafeteria. 


Her troop is small, but that’s ok! I hope they form some fun friendships, learn some great skills, work on great projects and just have fun all the time together. We are working on her uniform, but she has earned a lot of badges so far and I will have to showcase those soon. But the last meeting was on Halloween and they all wore their costumes – it was a fun meeting.


Here I am with my Daisy Girl Scout Troop at our Girl Scout camp – I can’t wait for Lennox to do this too!

Daisy Girl Scouts

I hope that Lennox enjoys girl scouts just as much as I did and goes from Daisy to Brownie to Girl Scout! And let’s not forget about Cookie Time

My Girl Scout Journey #cookieboss

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Being a Girl Scout is one of many fond memories I have as a child. I started off as a Daisy, where my mom was the leader, along with another friend’s mom. I remember meeting in the school cafeteria after Kindergarten class. We wore the blue uniforms, did arts & crafts and worked towards earning our badges. Here was my troop at Daisy camp! I’m second from the right on the top row! Ha!

Daisy Girl Scout CampThen I remember moving up to Brownies! We retired our blue Daisy uniforms in and got brown sashes. This was the longest phase of Girl Scouts for me. We had the same leader, I believe, for the whole time. We would meet weekly at the church down the street from our school. I remember having guests come and teach us different things, doing projects for the holidays, setting up a pretend plane with rows of chairs and learning about traveling around the world. This is even when we got to try going to Girl Scout Camp for the night! It was a great time. I graduated up to a Girl Scout but that is when Girl Scouts unfortunately sizzled out for my age group. We lost our leader and there became a lack of interest, due to the option to participate in school sports, theatre, etc. I learned a lot of about growing up, respect, responsibility and teamwork by being part of Girl Scouts. I really hope that Lennox will want to join the Girl Scouts when she is older and experience all the fun that I did when I was her age!

So why am I telling you about Girl Scouts? Because it’s officially Girl Scout Cookie Time! We all love girl scout cookies right? You can’t say no to the yummy Thin Mints or Samoas! At least, I know I can’t. I have already purchased 3 boxes from a co-workers daughter, and I see many more boxes in our future! And while it’s Cookie time – it’s also almost National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! If you have someone close to you involved with Girl Scouts or if you talk with a Girl Scout – this is what you need to know about the National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend events!

national girl scout cookie weekend

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Did you catch that prize? A one year supply of Girl Scout Cookies?! Which would you choose? Thin Mints? Tagalongs? Do-Si-Dos? Make sure to join in with on the virtual Girl Scout Cookie party and talk about the 5 core values that the Girl Scouts are teaching through their cookie sales: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics!

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