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A 5 Year Old’s Thankful ABC’s

My friend Censie, put together this great Thankful ABC’s printable, and I ran with the idea as soon as I saw it. I printed it out and then Kyle worked with her in coming up with her ABC’s of thankfulness – just in time for Thanksgiving. I thought I would share with you the things she is thankful for this year!


ABC’s of Thankfulness by Lennox & Kyle

A – Applesauce
B – Baby Graham

C – Cats
D – Daisy (our dog)
daisy-maeE – Elephants
F – Family
G – George, our cat
H – Heather
I – Ice Cream
icecream-lennoxJ – Jonah
jonah K – Kyle
kyle-lennoxL – Lennox (I guess she is thankful for herself!)
lennox-thanksgivingM – Mommy
new-house N – New House
lennox-mommyO – Old House
P – Paper
Q – Quiet
R – Running
S – Sun
T – Turtle
U – Umbrella
V – Valentine’s Day
valentines-dayW – Walker, her old friend from Montessori
X – Xmas
lennox-christmas Y – You
Z – Zoos

4th of July Recap

Did everyone have a good 4th of July? We had zero plans for the weekend and it ended up being a great weekend. In a way, it was nice to have no big plans – we just did what we wanted and had a good time together. Sometimes we are so over planned that we are running from one event to the next – so this year we just took it easy.

We still were able to attend some low-key fireworks – Lennox was ready…!


We were able to be a little silly …

and play with sparklers with our neighbors….



All in all we had a good 4th and we hope you had just as good of a holiday weekend!

What was your favorite part of the holiday weekend?

Easter morning donuts, peeps

PEEPS® Easter Morning Donuts

One last PEEPS® treat before Easter morning! I told you that we love PEEPS® in this house! This would be a cute treat to make for Easter morning or even an afternoon snack! This one is very fast and you can put it together ahead of time, no problem – Easter morning Donuts with Coconut and PEEPS®.

Easter morning donuts, peeps

PEEPS® Easter Morning Donuts

What you will need:

  • Mini powered sugar donuts
  • PEEPS®
  • Coconut (I dyed mine green)
  • Frosting (for “glue”)

How to make:

  1. Using mini powered sugar donuts, put a small amount of white or green frosting on top of the donut.
  2. Sprinkle green coconut on top of the frosting to make a “nest”. Note: to make coconut green, just put some coconut in a plastic ziplock bag and add a few drops of green food coloring. Shake until well mixed!
  3. Add a small amount of frosting to the bottom of a PEEPS® bunny or chick and stick it to the top of the donut nest!
  4. Put them together on a platter and serve!

Easter morning donuts, peeps

Disclosure: “The PEEPS® product, information and gift have been provided by Just Born Retail Group.”