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Easy Paddington Bear Cupcakes

Our trip to Paddington, Paddington Movie Night + Easy Paddington Cupcakes

Paddington was a movie that as soon as I heard about it last year, I was really excited about it. As I remember reading Paddington as a kid myself. Kyle remembers watching the Paddington Bear cartoons as a kid as well. So now that it was coming to the big screen, I was ready to have Lennox love Paddington as well! The movie was a hit, enjoyed by both adults and kids! I knew it would be one that we bought right away. In fact, we bought it the very first week it was out on digital download. You can buy Paddington Digital Download on Amazon now too before it hits the stores! Now that it is coming out on DVD, I wanted to share our trip to Paddington with you as well as some really cute and easy Paddington cupcakes to make for your family movie night!


While we were in London – the only request that Lennox had, was to bring her back a Paddington bear. So of course, our first full day in London, we had to head over to the Paddington train station and find the statue, take some pictures and buy Lennox her Paddington Bear – straight from the source! 

When you enter into Paddington Station in London, you will find a statue of Paddington waiting to be found after his trip to London from Darkest Peru. He is located on the left platform way in the back of the station. It doesn’t look exactly like the movie, but Paddington really was named after the station in the story book some years ago. Here is that statue.

Paddington Bear Statue at Paddington Station London

The way the movie resembled Paddington Bear waiting in the station, is pretty close, don’t you agree?


Now that the movie has become a hit, there is a full Paddington Bear store on the upper level near the entrance to the station. It has everything you could imagine from Bears to Books to Rubber Boots – Paddington is everywhere. We picked up a nice Paddington Bear for Lennox, as well as the original chapter book – that we have been working our way through at bedtime each night. They also have this statue outside their store.

Paddington Bear Statue at Paddington Station London

 This weekend we watched Paddington (again!), and decided to make some special treats to go along with the family movie night theme – cupcakes! I was looking for an easy way to make some fun cupcakes for Lennox but at the same time tie in Paddington Bear. And this is how they turned out:Easy Paddington Bear Cupcakes
All I did was take my favorite cake batter (Duffy’s) and make cupcakes. Once cooled I frosted them with Duffy’s Cream Cheese Frosting. I then dipped them into a bowl of rainbow sprinkles. You can only imagine has excited Lennox was about those sprinkles… I then slipped each cupcake into a Paddington cupcake sleeve that you can print out online here and they were ready to serve! Cute and easy!


If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you really must – it is so great and a family classic. Also, if you are going to have a Paddington family movie night, a Paddington birthday party or any other Paddington themed party, make sure to check out PaddingtonParties.com for lots of awesome decoration ideas, recipes, coloring sheet print-outs and more for free.  

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Europe Bound!

The time has finally come!! Our Europe vacation starts TODAY!!


We will be traveling for just under 2 weeks. We will miss our little princess, Lennox, so very much – but we are also very excited to have a mommy/daddy break and go experience all that we can while on vacation! Lennox will be having lots of fun at home with Grandma & Papa and the hardest part is that we won’t get to talk with her – but I know we’ll get plenty of updates along the way!

We are visiting Venice, one of my top destinations ever(!), Paris (also close to the top of my list) and the top of Kyle’s list, London! 


I think Venice is going to be one of the most unique places we have ever traveled and will travel.

Venice - CanareggioPhoto Credit: Venice – Canareggio by MorBCN, on Flickr

There is no where else in the world that is like Venice. I can’t wait to see the sun hit the colorful buildings, the gondolas going by, watch the way the people of Venice live! The best quote I have read about Venice, was that if you don’t get lost – you haven’t experienced Venice! I look forward to getting lost!


Paris! The city of lights. The architecture, the landmarks, the style, the food – everything about Paris sounds exciting to me.

Opera puddle mirrorPhoto Credit: Opera puddle mirror by Loïc Lagarde, on Flickr

We honestly don’t know the majority of what Paris has to offer – but we are going to be experiencing it all! I’m looking forward to seeing and feeling what it’s like to be staying in Paris. We decided to forgo a hotel in Paris and get a flat, in the heart of the city (close to the Louvre). We are staying on one of the oldest streets in Paris in a small studio flat. We’ll be across the street from a fresh fruit market, a bakery and an old Louis XIV royal fountain! We’ll see what one of the most romantic cities in the world has to offer us!


London – My favorite place I have ever been! I was lucky enough to visit London and the UK 3 times as a teenager with my parents.

WestminsterPhoto Credit: Westminster by Hernán Piñera, on Flickr

I don’t know what it is about London but I just love it. The big city, the people, the sights, the sounds (read: the accents) and just the ease of the city! I look forward to bringing Kyle to the Tower of London – one of the best spots in London and walking down the bustling Portobello Road Market in Nottinghill on Saturday morning!

While I’m gone….

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Once we are back in the US – expect lots of great photos, memories and stories about our trip!