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#CatchtheMoment {Week One}

2016 is a time to get back into photography. I have done the Catch the Moment in the past and haven’t completed it successfully. This year, I have decided to change up the challenge a bit for myself – mobile photos are allowed! Life happens, and some days I don’t grab my dSLR to capture the most perfect moment. So instead of setting myself up for failure on that one, I’ll be capturing the moment no matter where we are and with whatever camera I have handy. So let’s start off the year by catching up – Week one is below.

catch the moment 2016, project 365

{Day 001 – January 01, 2016}

Kyle’s birthday is New Years Day, and as always, Lennox made him a cake. This year though, it was an easy bake oven cake! Kyle may have had to pretend it tasted good – but I’m pretty sure he really loved it, even funky taste and all!


{Day 002 – January 02, 2016}

Christmas may be over, and it may have been super hectic this year – but I had to capture the bright ornaments against a bright white tree.


{Day 003 – January 03, 2016}

Lennox has had a hard start to Kindergarten, unfortunately, but we are trying to keep up with all the work. She had lots of make up work to do over break, and we were trying to finish it up before school started again!


{Day 004 – January 04, 2016}

For Christmas I got a macro lens for my iPhone – this is one of the first photos I took with it. Pretty good for an iPhone pictures I think!


{Day 005 – January 05, 2016}

Today was back to reality. Christmas break was over and it was time to head back to work. I really do love where I work. It’s always a great thing when you can go to work each day, and know that at some point during the day you will be laughing so hard you cry! My work family is THE BEST.


{Day 006 – January 06, 2016}

The very last glow of Christmas 2015.


{Day 007 – January 07, 2016}

Today was a day full of Jury Duty. It was my first time called in Texas. I didn’t have to sit on a jury for a trial, but I did have to go through the questioning and selection process. The Tarrant County Historical Court House is beautiful.


Kid's Lilly Pulitzer Boom Boom Jumpsuit Romper

The Bluebonnets are Blooming in Texas!

The bluebonnets are in full bloom this year in Texas. We had a pretty mild winter and a good amount of rain so we have been able to have a full, long season of bluebonnets! If you are unaware of the bluebonnet tradition, you should read this, but the long and short – pretty much every kid gets their picture taken in the bluebonnets at some point if you live in Texas! It’s a Texas Tradition. Lennox loves these flowers and we always have some fun taking pictures!


 We tried some new places to take pictures this year. My neighbor found a field in Grapevine, that was not as thick, but it was quiet, away from the road and had some great trees surrounding it, for a good backdrop! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that field.

texas-bluebonnets-2015-02 texas-bluebonnets-2015-03

She looks so big, but when we found a thick full of Bluebonnets this weekend close to the house, I realized just how big she really is! Hello legs for days – Lennox is getting SO tall!texas-bluebonnets-2015-04 texas-bluebonnets-2015-05 texas-bluebonnets-2015-06 texas-bluebonnets-2015-07

It’s great to look back at her bluebonnet pictures from the years – and watch her grow up with this fun tradition! Here is a quick look back:





A Memory from Paris

When we were planning our trip to Europe, and Paris in particular, I had reached out on Facebook asking if anyone had any recommendations of something we should do while we were there. One of my friends suggested hiring Stacy Reeves from L’Amour de Paris to take some photos of Kyle and I. I wasn’t sure at first, I looked at the pricing, timing and everything else and still was unsure. I started to follow Stacy on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her photos. They were picture perfect – like on the cover of a bridal magazine perfect. So finally, I made the leap and hired Stacy to capture a few moments of our trip to Paris and I don’t regret doing it at ALL! It was the best thing we paid for while on vacation. So since a picture is worth a thousand words – I won’t explain anymore – instead I’ll just share with you a handful of my favorites from our TWENTY MINUTE session (yes, she is that good!).

PPHK-01 PPHK-03 PPHK-05 PPHK-08b PPHK-10b PPHK-11 PPHK-13b PPHK-14 PPHK-15 PPHK-16 PPHK-22 PPHK-27

So what do you think? I’m so happy with them and I can not wait to get a few of them up on our walls. Now to just pick which ones! If you are planning on traveling to Paris and want  to capture some similar pictures, you really have to check out Stacy and L’Amour de Paris. You won’t be disappointed.