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Filling our Walls! Canvas On Demand Review

Canvas prints seem to really be making their way into homes everywhere lately. I had been meaning to get some made, since even 5 years later, we have some bare walls, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. So when I was given the opportunity by Canvas on Demand to try out their Canvas prints, I was excited!

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 11.12.59 PMIf you check out Canvas on Demand, you will see a familiar face – Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover! Canvas on Demand is his go-to canvas print company. He believes they are the best around and from what I received, I agree! Canvas on Demand creates gallery quality canvases with a number of customization options.


I was sent two 16×20 Thick Gallery Wrap canvases (1.5″ thick). I decided to pick our newest family photo and one of my all-time favorites, Daddy & Newborn Lennox.

canvas-on-demandcanvas-on-demand2The process of ordering the was very quick and easy. You can customize by having them change colors/b&w/sepia, stretched for the edge or a color, thickness, ect. Enter payment and they are on their way!

I couldn’t wait for them to arrive. Once they did, I was thoroughly impressed. You receive a personal note from one of their team members when the order is on it’s way to you. They were shipped through FedEx which was nice to see, I always feel like items are in better condition upon delivery when shipped through FedEx.

Upon opening the package, I immediately noticed that the quality was REALLY nice. I don’t think they really could be any better, honestly. The canvas feels very sturdy and thick. The colors were very nice and the frame on the back was equipped with the wall hanging so they were ready to hang on delivery.

I can’t wait to order more canvases for around the house and I know I will continue to use Canvas on Demand in the future. They have a new product I am interested in, Instagram Canvases! I mean anything Instagram is cool in my book, so canvases would be great – especially for smaller areas such as a home or work office!

Bottomline, I highly recommend these canvases. The quality is top notch and the customer service is fantastic. If you want to try Canvas on Demand out, they do run Groupons from time to time and have one going on right now! A great way to save!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received free product in return for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Catch the Moment << Installment Two <<

This is the second month I’m joining up with Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer for the Catch the Moment series. I’m trying to catch some different moments with Lennox, rather than just poses and standard pictures. Most of these are from this past weekend while playing around on Easter.

Lennox liked exploring the outside of her Great Aunt & Uncles house this weekend. IMG_2302 IMG_2291

Lennox loves, loves, LOVES her Great Uncle Tony. He has great patience with her and she always gets him to read to her. So sweet 🙂IMG_2155Lennox was so excited to help Grannie Annie make a “soda” cake. She said the cutest thing when it was time for the eggs. Grannie cracked it, and Lennox goes, “Look! It’s hatching!”

IMG_2151She even got Grannie Annie (her GREAT grandma) down on the grown with her to look through all the eggs she found. She just loves her Grannie Annie.

Lennox loves to put her clothes on herself, and sometimes I love just watching how she figures obstacles out. IMG_1799Here you can find all the Catch the Moment posts as well.

So pull out your camera and try to capture the moments as well!

Catch The Moment
Mailpix.com brag book review

Photo Memories: Lennox’s Second Birthday Brag Book

Mailpix.com brag book reviewI am always taking pictures of all our family events, birthdays, holidays and silly things Lennox is doing as she grows up, but one thing I am horrible at doing is getting them printed in some form or fashion. I made photo books every 2 months until Lennox turned 1 and then life seemed to happen and it hasn’t happened very much anymore. I still need to make one for her FIRST birthday, but for now, they will sit in digital form only. Lennox is going to have digital after digital photo of her childhood rather than actual printed photos like we all do! So when I was approached by MailPix.com to try out their new Brag Books, I jumped on the offer.

MailPix.com is the brainchild of Fred Lerner, a lifelong photo entrepreneur. This site was started from his concern that a whole generation of photo memories — stored online, on discs, in cameras and in smartphones — will be lost to future generations unless preserved as photo books, prints, cards, enlargements and other tangible products.

I do love photo books, but sometimes they take a long time to put together, so the brag book was a great, quick, alternative. I decided to put together a book with pictures from Lennox’s second birthday party, Yo Gabba Gabba style <— check this out, if you aren’t familiar with it!

Mailpix.com brag book review

Mailpix.com Photo Brag Books come in two different sizes, 4×6 and 5×7, and range from 5-40 pages. There are endless possibilities for these brag books; from baby brag books, weddings to family vacations.

It was very simple to put together this photo brag book. I just uploaded my photos (they offer free unlimited online photo storage for life by the way!) and then added them all to the book. I opted to doing full bleed photo pages, to keep it simple.

When my Photo Brag Book arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. It come with a nice plastic cover with clear binding. The photos were very high quality and the colors all printed out correctly. I didn’t realize the book would be printed on Kodak photo paper — I love this! I find it more durable and long-lasting than the normal photo books that are printed on regular weight paper. I would assume it will last a long time as well, since it is on photo paper.

I would have to say, my only negative comment is that there were no guidelines on the photo pages within the creation tool, so I accidentally put the text too close to the edge of the photo. This caused it to get in the way of the binding and get cut off a bit. No big deal really, but when I create a new book, I will make sure to move the text over!

Mailpix.com brag book review

Would I recommend Mailpix.com? Sure! They have a number of great products ranging from canvas prints, iPhone covers, prints & enlargements and other photo gifts. They always seem to be running some great promotions too! Here are a few, to get you started!

Free Brag Book

MailPix.com - Photo Prints

8 x 10 Enlargement

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but did receive free product in return for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.