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10 Delicious Pumpkin Spice Recipes

Fall is officially here and things are BUSY BUSY. But make sure you have time to enjoy the season and make some delicious fall treats. Pumpkin is of course one of the most favorite fall flavors. I personally don’t love the pumpkin spice latte as Starbucks that everyone flips for – but I do love some delicious pumpkin sweets. Here are a collection of 10 mouth-watering pumpkin recipes!


Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Fudge

Pumpkin Cheesecake Whoopie Pies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin French Toast

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Baked Pumpkin Donuts

Pumpkin Pound Cake

Bacon Egg and Cheese Baked Muffins

A Lonestar Breakfast with Lonestar Eggs

Texas is 100% different from where I grew up. That I think I can say with all certainty. Although it is 100% different, I still do love it. I of course miss the ocean and the trees and land that isn’t just flat – but Texas has its own beauty and its own opportunities. If it weren’t for Texas I wouldn’t have the job that I have, the family that I have or even the home that we have. Although I do love Cape Cod and it will always be “my home”, Texas is where our family began!

With that being said, there are many products that are made in Texas and are noted to be the food of Texans! One of the most recent ones being Lonestar Eggs!

Normally we would use whatever eggs we have around, but last time we went shopping we picked up Lonestar eggs – the only egg for a Texan (Laid by Texans, For Texans)! I may not be a true Texan – but Lennox and Kyle are Texan’s so that counts, right?

Eggs  = Breakfast and we all know breakfast can get a little, or a lot, boring so this morning Lennox and I made some Baked Egg Muffins to try something different. She wanted to serve breakfast in bed to Kyle – and this was the prefect thing. It was really quick to put together, very little mess and perfect for both kids and adults. 

Anyway, this is a super easy recipe and one that your children can help you with no problem! Here is how you make it.


Bacon & Cheese Baked Egg Muffins


  • Lonestar Eggs
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Bacon Bits
  • Salt/Pepper



STEP ONE: Preheat oven to 350°. Using a nonstick spray of your choice, coat a muffin/cupcake tin.egg-muffins-01STEP TWO: Sprinkle the bottom of the muffin tin with Shredded Cheddar Cheese. Use as much or as little as you wish. The more cheese the better if you ask me!egg-muffins-02STEP THREE: Crack the eggs and put one egg into each muffin spot. egg-muffins-03STEP FOUR: Sprinkle a little more cheese on top and sprinkle bacon bits on top as well.

STEP FIVE: Put some salt and pepper (as much as you desire) on top of each egg muffin.egg-muffins-04STEP SIX: Bake in oven for 15 minutes. When they are done, they should look something like this.

These Bacon Egg and Cheese muffins were a big hit and they were gone before I knew it. There were no pots and pans to be hand washing, and that was the best part! No dishes for mom! Just pop the muffin tin in the dishwasher and you’re done with clean up. That seems simple enough right?


What is your favorite Egg featured breakfast?

Make ahead fruit salad mason jars

Quaker Medleys & Breakfast Fruit Salad To Go

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #QuakerRealMedleys #CollectiveBias

A few months ago, my office moved from being 20 minutes from home to over an hour from home. My morning routine had to change as well as my morning commute! I no longer had time to make breakfast at home for both Lennox and I, get everyone ready and out the door, drop Lennox at school, drive to work and have time to spare. Now my morning routine is more like, get up, get Lennox up, get dressed and get out the door since I have such a long commute (this will be changing soon though!). So with that in mind, I was searching for some new breakfast ideas that I could bring with me to work and eat once I got there. 

At work we have the convenience of having fresh fruit and beverages available for free at all times – one of which was milk – so I thought cereal may be the best option. While shopping at Walmart the other weekend, I came across the NEW Quaker® Real Medleys® Yogurt Cups. I love oatmeal and Quaker products so I decided to give them a try. There was actually a demo happening the same day, so I was able to try it before I purchased it and wow, they were really good. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it – as I love original oatmeal so much, but it was actually really delicious and satisfying; I hadn’t had anything like this before that was so easy and prepackaged.


Quaker Real Medleys Yogurt Cups are the first self-stable granola, fruit and yogurt mixture – all you have to do is add in some COLD milk, stir and it’s ready to eat after 2 minutes. So easy and so delicious. Crunchy. Cool. Yum!

So I have been bringing these to work and it has been working out great as I can leave a few of them in my desk and not have to worry about remembering each morning. I did however want to add some more fresh fruit to my morning meal, so I decided to try making a fresh fruit salad to bring – but one that I could make on the weekend for the whole week – already ready to go. This is when I decided on making them in mason jars. I was able to make all the jars ahead of time so now I just have to grab and go – a perfect addition to my morning breakfast of Quaker Real Medleys Yogurt Cups. Here is how I made them.

Make ahead fruit salad mason jars

Make Ahead Fruit Salad Mason Jars

Servings: 5


  • Mason Jars
  • Fresh Lemon Juice (1 lemon)
  • 2 Peaches
  • 1 Cantaloupe
  • 5 Bananas
  • 2 containers of Raspberries

How to make:

STEP ONE: Cup up all of your fruit (except for the bananas) into small pieces and place into bowls. Get all of the mason jars ready to be filled.

Quaker Medleys & Fruit Salad Mason Jar

STEP TWO: Start layering in the fruit one at a time into each jar (do all of one fruit first).

Quaker Medleys & Fruit Salad Mason Jar

STEP THREE: Now add in the raspberries to all of the mason jars.

Quaker Medleys & Fruit Salad Mason Jar

STEP FOUR: Now it’s time to add in the bananas. If you just cut up the bananas and throw them in, they will brown and look pretty gross by the end of the week! So what you need to do is cut them up and toss them in a few tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. You can drain the excess lemon juice after they have been tossed in it. This will prevent them from browning.

How to stop bananas from browning when cut

STEP FIVE: Add the bananas on top of the raspberries.

Quaker Medleys & Fruit Salad Mason Jar

STEP SIX: Finally, add the peaches to the top of the bananas (they are pretty soft so its best to put them on top). 

Quaker Medleys & Fruit Salad Mason Jar

STEP SEVEN: Screw on the tops to your jars and store in the fridge! Each morning you can just grab one as you run out the door and eat it at work or on the go! 

This fruit salad plus the Quaker Yogurt Cups, really made a great breakfast for me to bring to work. 

Quaker Medleys & Fruit Salad Mason Jar

If you head to the store to purchase these Quaker Yogurt Cups, make sure to download the Blippar app from your Apple or Android store to scan your package and receive information tutorials on Quaker® Real Medleys® Yogurt Cups.