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Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Waterpark

Honestly, the number one reason for us heading down to New Braunfels was Schlitterbahn. That was our #1 destination while in town. For those of you who are not from Texas, Schlitterbahn has been voted the World’s Best Waterpark 16 years in a row now!

schlitterbahn-new-braunfels-waterparkThis park is unique since it actually consists of two parks – within the same town but not connected. The original part is actually running using river water from the Comal river, while the new part is all chlorinated pool water. Both sides are included in your ticket but you will really need more than one day to see it all. Schlitterbahn does have shuttles that run continuously to get you from one part to the other and they seem to come about every 5 minutes so it’s super easy to go back and forth throughout the day – its only a few moment ride as well.


schlitterbahn-lazy-riverSchlitterbahn is great too because they have free parking, free shuttles, free tubes & life jackets and you are able to bring in coolers with food and beverages for the day – this is a great way to cut costs when bring a larger group!


schlitterbahn-kids-parkThere are plenty of little kid areas within both parks, but other than that – I wasn’t sure how much Lennox was going to be able to do – but there was a lot that she was allowed on. She was allowed on almost everything (expect the REALLY big slides) but some things would have been a little too scary for her since there is no lap riders. If it was up to her though, I think she would have gone on everything. She was much more fearless than I expected.

She mastered all of these slides all by herself…

schlitterbahn-big-kid-slidesWe had fun floating through the rapids in the new area…

floating-schlitterbahnLennox even went down a waterfall by herself (we didn’t know this was going to happen!)

kyle-lennox-schlitterbahn-waterfallShe did well… but I’ve never heard her say no thanks so fast when we asked if she wanted to go on that ride again! Silly girl.

We had a great day there, and there is still so much more that we didn’t get to go on. Not because it was too busy or that we couldn’t go on everything due to having Lennox with us – it really was just too much for one day! We did find that going the first few weeks of September is much less busy than the summer, and honestly – more enjoyable!

schlitterbahn-family-photo So if you are looking to beat the Texas heat, Schlitterbahn would be my #1 recommendation for a family fun and cool spot to go to! I know we will be back in the future! schlitterbahn-lennox-splashingLearn more about New Braunfels here on my blog.

Disclaimer: My family received free admission to Schlitterbahn in return for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.