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Our Weekend Escape to Jay, Vermont

This past weekend we were able to sneak away from Texas for a few days. The reason? One of our best friends, Meagan and Dan, were getting married! A little background – Meagan was a friend of mine from the start at College. In the program we were in, there were very few girls, so a friendship started quickly between us. We continued to be friends throughout our 4 years there in Vermont. After college, we stayed in touch and always check in with each other at all major milestones and moments in our lives, even from Texas and Vermont. When Kyle and I got married in 2007, Meagan was our maid of honor. She did a great job and I was honored to be part of her special day as well, this past weekend! Dan, was someone we both knew in college as well – she has even known him for longer. He is a great guy and I’m so happy they found each other. I know they will have a great life together.


So as I was saying, we were able to escape and spend some time in Jay, VT at Jay Peak where the wedding was taking place. If you are unfamiliar with Vermont, Jay is in the northern most part of Vermont, to the east. You are really only about 10 minutes away from Canada when you are driving around the area. It is where Meagan and Dan both grew up going skiing, where they had their first date and where Dan proposed. It was only fitting to have the wedding there too!


It’ s kind of funny that we ended up at Jay this June, since last year we ended up in Colorado in Vail at another Ski Resort and we don’t ski! I think ski resorts are great in the summer months though, especially when you are from Texas!!

vermont-01They have a new resort and it is gorgeous! I forget the natural beauty that is Vermont and New England every time I’m away for a long time here in Texas. I love Texas, but man, it’s not nearly as pretty as New England.vermont-03So green, so lush and the temperature and weather was PERFECT! Even the cows down the road looked good!

The wedding itself went off really well! Meagan did an amazing job of getting it all together and of course, since she is a designer, everything was beautiful. 
vemront-04 As I’ve said before, It’s important to get away from time to time, as a couple without your kid(s) with you. We had a great time, it was nice sleeping in, doing whatever we wanted and just having fun as a couple rather than “mom and dad”! 

Of course, Lennox had a great time too at her Mimi’s house, as she always does! It was nice to get back to her though – and her quirky / sassy ways. 


Now, it’s time to get back to reality. We have a little girl who is turning FIVE YEARS OLD this week!! 

groom making wedding speech

Our Amazing Day Five Years Ago

For Kyle & I, this weekend marks our 5th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe that it’s already been 5 years! So much has happened and our lives are pretty different from they were back on our wedding day! We have traveled, bought a house and of course grew our family from two to three! I haven’t shared many wedding pictures on here before, so i thought now would be a good time! Unfortunately, our professional photographer didn’t give us our images on a CD – we have one HUGE photo album though! But my uncle did take some pictures so I’ll share those! Warning.. There are a lot of photos below!

First, the details: We got married on October 20th at 5:30 at Stonebriar Country Club in Frisco, TX. There was a big to-do around our venue. We were suppose to have it somewhere else and about 2.5 months before the wedding, we found out our wedding planner had left the company {without telling us}, the construction wasn’t going to be done and the room for our wedding would not be available. AWESOME. After many aggravated phone calls, we were able to make a deal to move our wedding to a different country club within the same company. We could keep the same pricing and move to any available club. My family had already made their flight plans, so we couldn’t change the date. Thankfully, this amazing {and much nicer} country club was available – it ended up working out for the best…way better actually.

wedding detail pictures at Stonebriar Country Club

Rather than my uncle taking pictures of me coming down the aisle, since he knew the photographer would be doing that, he took pictures of Kyle’s reaction – I love that idea 🙂

Kyle seeing the bride for the first time

During the ceremony:

stonebriar country club wedding ceremony

Just Married!

just married at stonebriar country club frisco

Bride and groom parents

making toast at wedding

I love how happy we look in this picture, Kyle is making his speech to our family and friends. I have no idea what he said… to tell you the truth… does anyone else remember?

groom making wedding speech

My sisters! I just love this picture. On the left is my actual sister, Kim. Then in the middle is Ana. She is just like a sister, she is an exchange student we had live with us for a year when I was 9-10 years old. She lives in Costa Rica. It was so nice of her to come to the wedding! And then to the right is my sister-in-law Mandy!

sisters at wedding

Mothers of the Bride & Groom!

mothers of the bride and groom

Oh, there was lots of funny dancing — we had quite the party.. I guess this is what happens when you have an open bar and some crazy friends of the groom who have known each other FOR.EVER!

Then it was time for the evening to end {it really goes by WAY TO FAST!} It was one of the best days of my life, of course the day Lennox was born is the best or at least a tie!

bride and groom leaving wedding

And this is where we headed out only a short 8 hours later:

Couples Swept Away Beach Resort in Jamaica

It was AMAZING — Couples Swept Away in Jamaica. If you ever want to go to a 5 star, all-inclusive resort… go here. Amazing service, amazing amenities  AMAZING food… just perfect and small, intimate, no kids!

Our ring exchange vows: I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. As it encircles your finger, may it remind you always that you are surrounded by my enduring love.

Lennox at Brax Landing Harwich

Cape Cod Wedding Weekend {Photo Recap}

We headed back up to Cape Cod this past weekend for my cousin’s wedding. It was the first time in quite some time that pretty much all the family was in one place together! It was so nice for all the little cousin’s to meet each other and spend time together. The weekend was pretty much one long rainstorm, but it stopped raining for the outside beach wedding, thankfully!

Jason & Ayanna Getting Married on the Beach

The visit went by too quickly, but it was a great time! Here are some photos from our trip!

This first one is my one of my ALL TIME favorites! We were delayed in the airport for a few hours. Lennox and Daddy were having a little pep talk.

This one, well, Lennox sat down and said CHEESEEE time! So… This was her Cheese face!

Lennox at the Chatham Fish Pier


Family at the Chatham Fish Pier

This is the only photo that Lennox let me take with her.

Lennox looked like a little purple princess in her dress {$6 at Just Between Friends — SCORE!}.

Lennox at Pleasant Street Beach Wedding

Headed down to the beach wedding

lennox on beach in purple dress

Lennox had never met her Cousin’s Lydia & Bodey. She really loved her cousin Lydia. They look a lot alike as babies too.. What do you think about now?

Cousins at Beach Wedding in Harwich Cape Cod

Lennox outside Brax Landing

Lennox at Brax Landing Harwich

A little relaxing TV time watching Wonder Pets {and singing the songs} with Grandma & Papa before going to bed on the last night there.

TV Time with Grandma & Papa

Cape Cod Cousin Pictures

And until next time… See ya later Cape Cod. It’s been fun, it’s been real, It’s been real fun 🙂

Driving over Cape Cod Bridge