Abandoned Homes Need Love, Too

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Abandoned homes do not entail horror movie scenarios — that is, if you take good care of your space. These vacant homes, given the proper attention, can turn into a fairy tale before-and-after story.

If you are on the look-out for a place to call your own, abandoned residential homes can be something worth looking into. These houses tend to be on the lower end of costs. So if you are on a budget, it may be your best bet to becoming a home owner. If you are a newly-wed couple, this may sound like a great deal for your home investment plans. There is a catch, though. You may have to pay extra for repairs and maintenance.

Find out if you should purchase that abandoned home in that neighborhood.

What Defines an Abandoned Home?

Why would a homeowner abandon their property? Is it because it’s in a bad neighborhood? Perhaps the location isn’t the most ideal? Homeowners have a variety of reasons for abandoning their homes but what defines an abandoned home in the first place?

An abandoned home is a residential space that has been kept empty and unused by its original owner.

There are distressed properties that are in bad condition, which may need heavy repair and maintenance. These are homes that may have been simply neglected by their previous owner.

Off-market properties, on the other hand, are homes that are actually for sale, but are not listed on the market. This may be because the current owners are looking for a specific type of buyer.

If you have found an abandoned home that you are interested in, here are things to consider before making the final decision.

Things to Consider

Now that you have found an affordable abandoned home (or perhaps you have a list of options ready), what’s next in the decision process? There are important factors to consider when buying an affordable but abandoned home.

Location is a major factor in determining a property’s value. Well-maintained homes in an isolated neighborhood may appear to be less attractive than a not-so-maintained property near the train station. Check the neighborhood, the nearby shops, as well as the transportation services that are accessible to make sure you are making a purchase that is worth your time and investment.

Inspect the place for needed repairs and maintenance. Investigate the structure, the plumbing, the electrical systems, and all the elements that may need attention before making a final purchasing decision. Some of the most important aspects of your home repair would have to be your heating system and your roofing repair, especially during winter and storm season. Consult electricians or residential roofing professionals if you necessary.

Of course, you have to consider your final budget.

How much are you willing to spend on the property as well as its repairs and maintenance? Is it a prime enough location for your lifestyle needs? Its location and the property’s physical condition may affect your final budget.

Is it Worth the Price?

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Vacant homes tend to be offered in great deals so, in terms of your initial cash out, it will oftentimes be worth the price. Although, the value of the property will all depend on how much you are willing to pay for the repairs, as well as how the property itself will fit into your lifestyle.

Research on all the aspects of living in your chosen neighborhood. Weigh the pros and cons of the location and balance it out with the cash you need to pour out. You might end up wanting to adjust your budget according to your willingness to invest in a certain property.

Another important thing to consider is the neighborhood’s safety. One can’t live in peace if your neighborhood doesn’t fit your safety needs especially if you are a couple who is trying to start a new family.

Vacant homes are often offered at good prices but prospective buyers would have to be extra discerning in determining if a certain property meets their living necessities.


Abandoned residential homes can be a great investment. Seeing the before-and-after of a previously run-down property can be fulfilling for a new homeowner.

Purchasing an abandoned home instead of choosing a traditionally new one has its pros and cons, though. One would have to see for themselves how certain properties will benefit their lifestyle, as well as their family’s everyday living, to be able to determine if a specific property is worth the price. After all, the “ideal home” is not a fixed idea. It all depends on its inhabitants.

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