Preparing Your Home for an Active Child

active children
  • Create a designated play area for your active child, using soft flooring for cushioning and open storage solutions to contain gear.
  • Make the play area inviting with colorful toys, books, and activities that your child can easily access.
  • Keep hazardous items out of reach and organize the play area to reduce clutter and hazards. 
  • Prioritize landscaping: use mulch, trim trees, and test playground equipment for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Encourage healthy eating habits and foster healthy physical activities.

As a parent, it’s so important to set up a safe and healthy home environment for your child. And when you have an active child in the mix, there are a few extra precautions you’ll want to take. Not only does this help prevent accidents and injuries, but it can also foster healthy habits and support your child’s growth and development. Here is how to prep your home for an active child.

Create a Designated Play Area

One of the best ways to prep your home for an active child is to create a designated play area. This doesn’t have to be a separate room or a huge space, but it should be a safe and open area where your child can play freely. It’s a good idea to use soft flooring like foam tiles or a rug to cushion any falls or tumbles. Here are some other things to consider:

Go for Open Storage Solutions

When it comes to containing all of the gear that goes along with having an active child, open storage solutions are always best. Not only do these keep toys and equipment off the floor, reducing clutter and hazards, but they’re also easy to access for your active child. Look into shelves, baskets, drawers, and other storage solutions that are easy to open and close.

Make It Inviting

An inviting playroom can make all the difference for an active child. Be sure to include plenty of colorful toys, books, and activities that your child loves. Your child should also be able to easily access these items without having to ask for help. Consider wall decals or wall art to add some additional fun and dimension, and don’t forget to include a comfortable spot for reading or resting.

Keep It Organized

Organizing the play area is essential for a safe and healthy home environment for an active child. It’s important to make sure that all toys and equipment are put away after each use to reduce clutter and prevent falls or tripping.

minimalist gender neutral playroom with organized toys

Keep Hazardous Items Out of Reach

As parents, you know that kids are curious, and they love to explore. But that curiosity can sometimes lead to accidents, particularly when hazardous items are involved.

Be sure to keep any chemicals, cleaning supplies, medications, and sharp objects out of reach of your child. Ideally, these items should be kept in locked cabinets or high up on a shelf where your child can’t access them.

Furthermore, don’t forget to childproof outlets and install safety gates around any stairs or other hazardous areas.

cute baby looking up a furniture he's holding onto

Prioritize Landscaping

Prioritizing landscaping is an important part of prepping your home for an active child. Since outdoor spaces can be high-traffic areas, you’ll want to make sure they are safe and well-maintained. Here are some things you can do:

Use Mulch

Mulch is an excellent way to improve the safety of your outdoor space. It can act as a cushion in case your active child falls, but it also serves as insulation for plants and shrubs during cold winters. Mulch also helps maintain a consistent temperature, reducing the risk of plant damage due to extreme temperatures.

Tree Trimming

An important part of landscaping is efficient tree trimming. Not only does it help reduce the risk of falling branches or debris, but it can also keep branches away from windows or the roof. Regularly trimming dead or overgrown branches can help create a safe outdoor space for your child to play in and can also improve the aesthetics of your yard.

Test Playground Equipment

The importance of regularly testing playground equipment cannot be overstated when it comes to prepping your home for an active child. Not only is this important for safety reasons, but it is also essential in ensuring the lifespan of the equipment. Testing can include examining swing sets, playhouses, slides, and other playground items for any signs of wear or damage.

Prepping your home for an active child takes some time and effort, but it’s well worth it. By creating a designated play area, watching out for hazards like electrical outlets and cords, keeping hazardous items out of reach, encouraging outdoor play, and fostering healthy eating habits, you can help support your child’s growth and development while providing a safe and healthy home environment. Remember, as parents, you want what’s best for your children, and by taking these steps, you’re helping to give them the best possible start in life.

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