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If you are a dedicated dentist, you are probably worrying about preventive care and ensuring that patients do not lose any teeth on your watch, but it is also necessary to remember that this isn’t just a vocation, but a business too. In the world of technology, businesses are thriving thanks to the internet and social media, so it’s important that you keep up with the times and ensure that you have a dental marketing strategy. Of course, with only so many hours in the day, you probably won’t have time for running a dental practice, treating patients and creating a website that contains all the flashy things it needs to be attention-grabbing. This is as well as having the appropriate content both to engage the reader to the optimum level and to enhance your position on the Google results page. This is where a marketing company’s service could be just the thing you need.

How does a marketing company help my website to appear first in a Google search?

To get to the top spot on organically generated Google results takes a lot of knowledge and know-how. For a lay person, it is possible to try and follow the recommendations that Google has for aspiring top-spotters, but do you really have time for all of this? While you may be qualified to carry out dental implant procedures, this doesn’t make you qualified to write about them and to ensure that this, and your website, is seen by patients who may be looking for an implant dentist. This is why you can enlist the services of a marketing company to help get your website where it needs to be seen, and this is called search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing.

SEO marketing involves developing websites that are user-friendly, so people want to read them, but also contains keywords that link with common search terms on Google. A marketing company will regularly visit Google Analytics to discover what the latest trends are for terms searched. They will ensure that your website content and blog articles linked to the website (that they will write for you) contain those terms, so that they match up with the terms searched, thus boosting your position in the results list.

Other services

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Aside from boosting your presence on the results page and giving you a great website that should hook readers, a marketing company that has experience in dental marketing should also be able to ensure that everything written on your behalf is compliant. They can also manage your social media presence, ensuring that there is PR and brand awareness created through the content. Indeed, 75.3% of people purchase products or services because of social media – that’s a big chunk of customers that you can access, if you get a marketing company to create and maintain your social media.

Boost your dental practice

So, if you’re ready to reward your enthusiastic staff with busy days filled with new patients, why not book in for a consultation with a marketing company to discuss what their marketing strategy would be for your practice? It’s time to give your practice the boost it needs up the Google results list.

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