Condo Essentials: How to Stock Your Kitchen


Moving into your first condo can be both exciting and stressful (in a good way). Something is exciting about entering your unit for the first time and realizing you have a place to call your own. Whether you live solo or with a roommate, getting your condo is a significant milestone for many young adults.

Whether you’re looking for pre-selling condos in Ortigas EDSA or already have a place of your own, you still need to turn that space into something you can live in. Sure, you’ve signed the contract and moved in your furniture, but that doesn’t mean you’ve turned it into a home. There’s still a lot of things you need to buy to ensure you have everything you need.

Of course, you don’t want to scurry back to your parents’ home to borrow a few things. Here are a few kitchen and cleaning essentials you should buy for your first condo:


Unless you’re thinking of eating instant ramen or fast-food takeout forever, you’re going to need to cook food. And to cook, you need proper kitchenware to make full use of your sparkling brand-new kitchen.

First thing’s first, you’re going to need tableware such as plates, bowls, and utensils. While you might think that you only need one or two of each, do consider that plates break all the time, and you might have the occasional guest over. A safe number is four dinner plates and bowls for eating, six pairs of utensils, and two or three serving plates and bowls.

You don’t need to go overboard for drinkware. After all, you’re not running a bar. Four drinking glasses and maybe a mug or two will be enough for you and your guests’ needs.

For simple food preparation, you’ll need the basics. First, you don’t need a full set of kitchen knives. All you need are knives for peeling fruits and vegetables and cutting through food like bread. For kitchen utensils, the safest options are a spatula and a large spoon. Everything else is just fluff. Lastly, you need a sturdy cutting board, preferably made of wood or plastic.

If you live in a condo that doesn’t allow cooking with fire, you’ll need an induction cooker. You’ll also need pots and pans that are magnetic-based. All you need are one large fry pan, a small pot, and a large pot.

KitchenCleaning supplies

While your condo is probably easier to clean and maintain than a single-family dwelling, you still need to exert some effort to keep it clean and pest-free. Of course, condo living comes with its usual caveats. With your limited space, we’ve boiled down your cleaning items down to the essentials.

Some condo boards don’t allow noisy appliances, so a vacuum cleaner is probably out of the question. Instead, you’ll make do with a broom and dustpan, a static dust mop for dust and animal hair, and a regular mop for spills and cleaning hard surfaces. You’ll also need sponges for washing dishes and a multi-purpose cleaner for your bathroom and kitchen.

Only you will know what you’ll need in your first few weeks in your condo. It can take multiple back-and-forth trips to the mall or store, and that’s perfectly normal. With your limited space, start with the essentials and resist the urge to buy things you don’t need.

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