Creating a Child-friendly Backyard for Playtime

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A child needs to engage in active play to develop many aspects of their life. Through this activity, they can develop their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Playing also is good for a child’s mental health and social skills.

For these reasons, parents must provide an allotted place for a child to have active play. The backyard is an excellent spot to be a venue for this enriching activity. It is most accessible for the child. They do not need to go out of the vicinity of their home. Also, parents can customize it in the way their child will enjoy the most. Here are some ideas.

Maximize Your Driveway

Your driveway is a good spot for children to enjoy wheeled activities such as skating or biking. These activities develop coordination and balance. You can also set-up a portable basketball hoop in this area. This sport can provide hours of fun as they try to score as much as they can.

But before proceeding with any of these activities, check your driveway first. Asphalt paving can give your driveway a safe and level surface. Cracks or uneven surfaces can cause children to trip or fall. Thus, you have to make sure that your driveway is free from those hazards.

Wearing protective gear such as helmets and kneepads will also help. Educate your children on being responsible while having fun.

Provide Some Open Area

An open area is an opportunity for a child to do free play. They can let go of the exceeding energy inside them. Jumping, running, and exploring is good for them. The grass is the best surface for open areas. They are soft under the feet and can cushion falls.

Having open areas allow children to play tag, chase a Frisbee, or blow some big bubbles. They can also do some rounds of hula-hoops or jumping ropes. As a parent, you do not have to always structure their time and activities. Open areas allow children to be creative with their time.

Stir Their Imaginations with Natural Playscapes

Natural elements are affordable ways to let children enjoy their time while playing. Sandboxes can provide hours of digging, building, and burying. Sand play has many benefits. Make sure, though, that your sandboxes have no protruding nails. Cover the sandbox when not in use especially if you have a house cat.

Other natural elements that you can use are log stumps and rocks. Children can practice their balance with some obstacle courses made from these materials. Give them instructions before they engage in these kinds of play. Also, keep an eye on them.

Level up with a Tree House

A tree house is any child’s wonderland. This little corner serves as their hideaway. Not all play should be very mobile. A tree house provides shade and allows the child to engage in pretend play. They can simulate daily activities such as preparing food. They can also play with dolls and other toys and have them talk with one another. Open-ended educational toys also can help to keep a child busy and learning.

Time at the tree house does not always have to be preoccupied. Children can enjoy the fresh air and the feeling of being above the ground. They can rest here and experience a fusion of the indoors and the outdoors.

Add Some Play Structures

children playing football soccer

Play structures are available in many stores. Parents can choose slides, swing sets, or climbing walls, among many others. You can even install a zip line in your backyard if space is not an issue. Children would get a chance to exercise in a fun way with these play structures.

A parent must check for the wear and tear of these play structures. They must ensure that these things are in good condition before allowing children to use them. Also, set these structures over soft ground. Grass or rubber mat works best as the cushion for these things. Adult supervision will help to keep injuries away.

Encourage Water Fun

Children and water are a good combination. Water helps to settle a child’s restlessness. It could be as simple as a bucket of water, a hose, or a gardening can. You can also make a water table or a water wall. Running around in the grass while the sprinklers are open is a fun way to beat the heat.

If you have a swimming pool in your yard, put it to good use by allowing your child some laps on it. You can also set-up an inflatable one. Swimming brings many health benefits. But, emphasize safety with this activity. Never leave a child unattended while in water. Pools should have fences around their perimeter, too.

Your backyard could be a place of fun and learning for your child. It is important to let them spend time outdoors. There are many ways to maximize your backyard space. Get creative but do not forget to keep it safe as well.

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