Dangerous Plumbing Situations That Need Expert Attention

leaking pipes

What would you do if you came back one evening and found sewer strewn all over the yard? Unfortunately, some problems have to be solved immediately. The need for an emergency plumber in Orem surfaces when you least expect it.

You might even be tempted to handle the situation without professional help, with plans to make the call the following day. Property owners should have a clear distinction between what plumbing issues need emergency attention and which ones do not.

If a problem has the potential to endanger life or damage property, you want to leave to the experts. These jobs have many hazards and chances of accidents happening are high. Here is a rundown of a few of such cases.

1. Gas Leak Repair

Natural gas remains a safe energy source for modern homes. Unfortunately, it can turn into a dangerous monster if it leaks without any detection. A leak will always raise risk in the surrounding because of possible poisoning from carbon monoxide and exposure to explosions.

While natural gas is odorless, manufacturers are adding a chemical that smells like rotten eggs to help in leak detection. Even if you happen to get this smell, do not think of doing the repair. Simply evacuate the area, call an emergency plumber, and everything will be fine.

2. Pipe Bursts

A pipe burst is one of those plumbing problems that can cause panic. The sight of water gushes can lead to frantic efforts as you search for the quickest fix. A number of reasons cause pipe bursts around homes in Orem.

Freezing is a common one, whereby water inside the pipe expands during cold weather, thereby breaking the pipe. A burst may not seem dangerous at first, but the risk of water damage is present, not forgetting the likelihood of being knocked over.

3. Toilet Overflows

The toilet serves the irreplaceable role of enhancing hygiene, but in its simplicity, it could turn into your worst nightmare. A malfunction may render the house inhabitable, especially if clogs affect a large section of plumbing piping. If toilet overflow occurs, you will be staring at the risk of extensive water damage that is expensive to rectify.

Dealing with toilet overflow issues is challenging because the problem could also emanate from sewer line damage. To protect your health, consider hiring certified plumbers for this kind of repair.

4. Jobs at High Heights

man on the roof fixing roofSome plumbing jobs require scaling heights, something that is dangerous even for experienced emergency plumber Orem. Plumbers have to use harnesses and attachment points and make sure that the weather is suitable. Do-It-Yourselfers often use a simple ladder, yet they expose themselves to slip and falls in the process.

Furthermore, a falling object may cause serious injury, even if you wear personal protective equipment. The point is that these types of jobs present serious risks, something that professional plumbers address through insurance.

5. Tight Spaces

Injuries are also possible if you commit yourself to fix the plumbing in tight spaces. Sewer lines, ducts, and boilers are some of the areas to avoid because of their oxygen insufficiency. Expert plumbers have the tools and experience to operate in such environments.

If a plumbing project you are about to undertake is among the mentioned or seems too risky to handle, contact an experienced plumber. They will take a shorter time, apply safety measures and above all, offer a clean job.

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