Girl, You Look Beautiful Just The Way You Are!

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Life can get pretty hectic at times, and when we lose ourselves in the music and all the memories we’re making, years go by like seconds when you’re in the right place. You’ll be breezing through your young adult years, find the love of your life, have settled down in a cozy home, and young kids to care for and look up to you in what seems like months.

However, growing old and experiencing the finer things in life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We also have to embrace the changes in our body that we’re not as strong as we used to, nor do we have the beautiful curves we had back in our 20s. And, for most women at the mercy of the aging process, it can come as a shock and hurt your self-image. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and let me be the one to tell you that you’re still that sexy bombshell both inside and out!

You Are Beautiful

We grow up seeing an unattainable standard of beauty set by movies and magazines, and while the industry has come a long way to be more inclusive with the idea of beauty, escaping from that destructive mindset is not as easy as it looks. So, today we want to emphasize the fact that you are beautiful just the way you are, and no one can say otherwise! We’ll be learning some key concepts and inspiring methods to help you fall in love with your body image all over again.

#1 Practice Body Gratitude

Firstly, we need to strike this mindset at its core and tackle the roots of this bad self-image by practicing good body gratitude. There a lot of things about our body that we should be thankful for, but a lot of us fail to notice them and sweep these features under the rug because we focus too much on the negatives. Remember, your uniqueness is what defines you, and no cookie-cutter definition for beauty should ever hold you back.

  • Think Positive: A good place to start practicing body gratitude is by thinking of the positive impacts your body brought into your life. This temple allows you to feel the warmth of your significant other, it lets you experience the best things in life, and it’s helped you achieve every bit of success you have today.
  • Don’t Dwell on Self-criticism: Another thing you must absolutely follow is not to dwell on self-criticism. We can be our worst critics, and it really shows when the origin of our self-doubt and fears come from our own thoughts. You’re not a product subject to quality control or being perfect because imperfection is what makes you perfect!
  • Pamper Yourself: Sometimes, the biggest culprit to a worsened body image and lack of confidence is due to the stress in life, and if you’ve been coping with a lot of stress recently, then we strongly recommend to pamper yourself. We all deserve to relax and unwind, so do yourself a favor and make that spa appointment.

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#2 Focus on What You Can Better

Secondly, if you’re a go-getter and can’t leave things just in words, an excellent way of putting these statements into action is by focusing on what you can better. Yes, we all live busy day-to-day lives, but if you’re determined to improve and want to make a change, a brisk walk every morning and eating a healthy diet will go a long way! Plus, you’ll find many groups of people both online and near you who will support you through and through.

  • Hit the Gym: Since it’s just in time for a New Year’s resolution, hitting the gym and getting in a good workout is a great way of building back body confidence and getting the shape you desire. It also fills you with feel-good hormones and promotes strong bone health, which is something girls need to watch out for as they grow older.
  • Try Yoga: Apart from breaking a sweat, we recommend finding your balance and practicing mindfulness through yoga. Not only does it activate your entire body and train your core, but you also reap the benefits of meditation and that all you need is a yoga mat and investing time to do it.

#3 Seek Professional Help

Lastly, if the problem still persists after trying the first two methods and affecting your productivity, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. It’s perfectly fine to feel that way, and there’s plenty we can do to address it with the help of a professional. So, please don’t force yourself to stay in that uncomfortable place because we’re right here to support you.

  • Talk to Someone: There will be times when we can’t organize our thoughts, sort out our words, and speak our mind clearly. It feels as if everything is weighing you down, and you can’t think straight. We recommend going to a therapist to talk things out, help break down the walls, and dig deep into those fundamental issues that keep holding you back.
  • Cosmetic Surgery: If you really think that your image is what’s holding you back and you know that changing it even just a tiny bit will help your self-confidence, then go for it! A lot of people tend to look down on botox specials and surgery, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. If it helps you feel better and feel complete as a person, we see that as a win-win scenario.

No One Decides How You Look, But You

Overall, we want to hammer down the fact that no one gets to decide how you look but yourself. And, despite the changes you’ll inevitably face growing older, you’re still just as beautiful back then and the way you are now. So, don’t let any person, train of thought, or standard of beauty tell you otherwise!

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