Healthy Weight Goals: Helping Kids Maintain a Healthy Weight

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Parents worry about their kids all time. They know that kids, like adults, can have different body types. But when you have one child that is either overweight or underweight, your main concern is to find ways to help him achieve a healthier weight.

Doctors gauge one’s recommended weight depending on the Body Mass Index. Such a calculation makes use of a child’s height and weight. You can use a BMI calculator to check if your child has a healthy weight or not or simply consult their pediatrician.

Everywhere around the world, many parents and pediatricians worry about kids’ weight. In many developing countries, many kids are underweight. But in other places like in the U.S., more kids are becoming obese.

Many things can be the causes of why a child can be over or underweight. This includes poor diet, lack of sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy eating habits. There are also times when kids develop conditions that make it hard for them to lose weight.

Hypothyroidism, for instance, can cause a sudden weight gain and inability to lose weight. Rarely will hypothyroidism cause massive weight gain. But doctors often order thyroid function tests to rule out symptoms of thyroid problems.

Overweight and underweight kids can be at risk for future health risks. But if you think achieving a healthy weight is hard enough, retaining a good weight can also prove to be quite difficult. Here’s how you can help your kids achieve and retain a healthier weight.

Talk to Your Kids About the Importance of Their Health

Your kids may not yet grasp the importance of a healthy weight. But it is crucial that you talk to them in a language they will understand to give them an idea of why you need them to achieve a healthier weight. Recite the possible things that can happen to them if they fail to cooperate with your plan.

Never make negative comments about their weight and body type and don’t play the blame game. Encourage them to talk to you and discuss their feelings about their weight and body image. What you need is to open their eyes about the importance of being healthy instead of focusing on their weight.

Tell them that you love them no matter their size or shape. Just make sure to let them know that you are only concerned about their health.

Be a Good Role Model

If your kids often see you struggling with your weight, then they will think whatever you are doing is right. Your kids seeing you talking to yourself or others about how bad you feel about your body and habits will only make matters worst. If you wish to reinforce change, start with yourself and show them how it is done.

Don’t simply make them serve them healthy meals or make them exercise more if you can’t do the same for yourself or your other kids with normal weight. Encourage the whole family to start healthier habits. This will make kids feel loved and the support of the whole family will make it easier for them to make lifestyle adjustments.

Be Innovative When Helping Kids Develop Healthier Habits

A sudden change in routine can overwhelm your kids. What you can do is to start slow and add a sprinkle of creativity. You can start by making their meals cute and colorful to entice them to try healthier food items.

Whip up fun but tasty recipes and encourage them to help you out in the kitchen. Add their favorite healthy food items to the menu. When out grocery shopping, steer clear of unhealthy food snacks and give them a list where they can help you pick out healthier food items.

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Think of activities the whole family can do to entice kids to stay active. Instead of letting their gadgets babysit them, go out more often and have fun in the sun. Walk your dog together in the park, let them play with their friends and cousins and find activities they enjoy doing as long as it keeps them moving and engaged.

Help Them Learn Better Sleeping Habits

Kids need more sleep than adults. If they don’t enough sleep, they can end up tired and irritable. Break the cycle by ensuring they get enough rest and sleep each day.

Start a consistent bedtime routine. Research shows that blue light from gadgets can disrupt melatonin production. You want them to stop watching shows or playing video games at least two hours before bedtime.

Craft a sleep-inducing environment to help them sleep faster. You also want to avoid stressing them before they head to bed or else all efforts will be in vain. You can teach them breathing techniques to help them sleep and help alleviate their fears instead of dismissing them.

Your kids need much of your time and attention if you want them to stay healthy. Your focus is to help them reach and maintain a healthy weight. With the help of this list, you can help in addressing their unhealthy weight and get that peace of mind knowing they are at less risk for developing future health issues.

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