Home Décor Designs for Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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All of us have different preferences when it comes to color and design. These can have something to do with our personality types. If you’re looking to remodel your home, here are some ideas perfect for each Myers-Briggs personality type.


People categorized under the ISTJ personality value quality and functionality, which is why a minimalist design is perfect for this them. A simple home décor with clean, organized, yet functional designs are ideal.


Those belonging to the ISFJ personality type are introverts yet are known to be very good listeners and like forming deep and meaningful relationships. Thus, a transitional type of home where ISFJs can be free to live in solitude while having the space to connect with others is perfect.


INFJs are known to be creative, yet soft-spoken. Their own private space is the perfect place for INFJs to get creative and unleash their loud, vibrant personalities.


INTJ individuals are innovative in nature, having a love for building things and coming up with new ideas. They have an appreciation for both old and modern designs, making them a unique personality group.


Individuals belonging to the ISTP category are very adventurous and love to explore new things. So their homes usually have a simplistic design but highlighted with bold furniture options.


ISFPs are very creative and have a good eye for design. Their homes are usually well-decorated and aesthetically pleasing with a mix of different decors that come together perfectly.


People belonging to the INFP personality type are perceived as shy and reserved. But underneath that, they are actually very passionate and loving people. A subtly decorated home with pastel colors and patterns is perfect for them.


INTPs like to do extensive planning and research before taking on new things. A functional and aesthetic home that incorporates both art and modern technology is fit for these personality types.


ESTPs are known as the life of the party because they are very fun individuals who like to socialize. Their home decors usually would lean more on fun and vibrant designs.



ESFPs are very excited and passionate types of people. They have an eye for design, and you won’t usually see their homes sticking to a particular theme. They like trying new things and that includes exploring new looks for their homes.


ENFPs are enthusiastic individuals who love to learn about different people and cultures. A bohemian-styled home is perfect for this personality type,


People in the ENTP category have big personalities that set them apart from other people. They like their homes to be unique and unconventional.


ESTJs are crazy about organizing. That’s why they go for more minimalistic and clean designs. They especially like having plenty of hidden storage spaces for their homes to keep things neat and tidy.


ESFJs are very social people who are naturally well-liked and popular. A perfect home for them is one that has a very welcoming environment, perfect for social events and gatherings.


ENFJs are very influential people who always have interesting and inspirational stories to tell. A home that incorporates art and striking paintings will reflect their natural leadership qualities.


ENTJs are very hardworking and determined, eager to set and achieve their goals. A simple, functional home where they can focus on growing their personalities and careers are perfect for ENTJs.

If you want a home that suits your personality type, you can get the help of an interior designer in Salt Lake City to help you design a home that reflects who you are.

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