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Swimming pools are a great way to spend time in the summer. Whether you have your own pool in the backyard or if you take advantage of community pools for part of the season, swimming can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation. But it’s important to know that swimming pools also pose dangerous situations for children due to their size, depth, and concealed dangers. All parents should be aware of how to keep their children safe around water, so they can avoid any tragedies.

1. Never Leave Children Unsupervised by the Pool

Whether you are taking a quick shower or if one of your kids is in the bathroom for an extended period, never leave your child unattended around the pool. If you must step away from them, take your child with you — do not make them stay at the side of the pool alone. Get your carport positioned strategically near the pool so you can keep an eye on your child and relax at the same time. You can also install a pool alarm that goes off when someone falls into the pool, so you don’t have to worry about constantly watching them.

2. Put Safety Covers on Your Pool

Safety covers are a good investment for any pool owner, especially if you have children in the area. They can be lifted up by an adult when they want to swim, but the cover will prevent your child from accidentally falling into the pool without warning. This is also useful if your kids are swimming under supervision, but you need to step away for a few minutes. You can rest assured that the cover will still be in place when you return.

3. Keep Your Pool’s Water Calm and Clear

It’s important to keep your pool clean, not only with the walls but also the surface of the water. If there is debris or other things floating on top of your pool’s surface, it can make it difficult for children to see where they are going while they are swimming and may cause them to panic and accidentally slip underwater and drown. Keep an eye on what other people bring near your child: toys, inflatables, flotation devices, etc., should not be present around pools unless they were given specifically by someone who was supervising the child.

4. Remove Diving Boards from Your Pool

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to remind your child that diving boards should not be used in a swimming pool. Children think of them as fun, but they can easily slip and strike their head or another body part against the board, which could lead to serious injury. Remind your child to swim under a diving board instead of going on top of one. They won’t get nearly so much enjoyment out of this, but at least they will be safe from harm when they do it.

5. Teach Children How to Swim

If you want your child to be safe in the water, it’s important that they know how to swim. Enroll them in swimming lessons as soon as possible, so they can learn not only basic safety techniques but how to enjoy themselves around water without putting themselves in danger. If you don’t have access to a community pool or can’t afford private lessons, look for other ways for your child to practice their swimming skills.

6. Keep Your Pool Shoes By the Door

This may seem to be an odd way to keep your child safe, but keeping your pool shoes in a place where they are easy to slip on and off can help prevent accidents. Your children’s feet should always be wet when they are near water, so if their shoes are close by, it will reduce the risk of them slipping while running to get out of the pool. This is especially useful if you have pieces of driftwood or other sharp objects around your yard that could injure bare feet.

7. Learn CPR So You Can Save Others’ Lives


If an emergency arises in which someone has fallen into the water and needs CPR, you want to make sure you know how to help before it happens. During a crisis, it is a common reaction to freeze up. This is why you should learn how to administer CPR — if your child’s friend has passed out from the heat or suddenly slipped underwater, for example, you’ll know what to do even if you panic.

It is important for all parents to know and follow these home swimming pool safety tips to reduce the risk of drowning or other injuries. Although pools can provide hours of enjoyment for the whole family, they can also be potentially dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. By following these simple tips, you can help keep your loved ones safe while enjoying a day by the pool.

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