How Much Should You Spend on Kitchen Remodeling in Austin?

Kitchen in a modern home

The average cost of remodeling a kitchen in Austin, TX, is at least $6,800 this year, including the cost of labor. Some people can spend up to $34,200, but many usually spend around $20,526 at most.

What you need to do now is to look for an experienced residential contractor before planning a budget. While typical prices tend to range within the quoted figures above, the actual cost of remodeling your kitchen will depend on several factors. Consulting an expert allows you to see things in perspective and decide based on logic, especially when you have limited cash on hand.

Uniform Rates

You can expect most residential contractors in Austin or Travis County, TX, to charge similar rates for remodeling projects, so comparing prices among different service provider should be much easier for you. Request for quotes from at least three different homebuilders to have a better idea about prices.

Be sure to ask quotes specifically for remodeling a kitchen. Some homeowners mistakenly think that renovations and remodeling are one and the same, but there are certain differences between the two. Remodeling refers to changes in a room’s layout and features, while renovations simply enhance its appearance and make it look good as new.

Be Aware of Hidden Costs

Hidden costs refer to unforeseen expenses such as taxes and permit applications, which can put a huge dent on your budget if you do not plan your spending ahead of time. If you need to tear down walls, you might need clearance from your local municipality or homeowners’ association. You can also ask a professional remodeler for an itemized quote and confirm the service exclusions for their rate.

For simple projects such as repainting cabinets, you can save money by purchasing used materials from online sellers or businesses that sell second-hand construction supplies. Do you research before buying pre-owned materials, as the price difference may not be that significant.

Estimate Return on Investment

New decorated white Kitchen in luxury home

Another way to control your budget requires you to know the potential return on investment. Some experts recommend that you spend from 5% up to 15% of your property’s resale value on remodeling your kitchen. Talk to a local property agent to maximize the investment return from an upgraded kitchen.

Aside from a residential contractor in Austin, TX, you may need to hire an architect if you want to demolish the old kitchen and design a new one. You do not have to hire multiple contractors for a single project. Some companies already employ architects, builders and interior designers. Experienced contractors must have work portfolios, and do not forget to ask for references from previous clients.

The true cost of a kitchen remodeling project in Austin will greatly depend on the size, type of materials, cost of labor, and any custom work. Homeowners who plan to sell their houses in the future have more reason to hire a contractor for better results. Always choose a licensed and insured home builder for your own protection and peace of mind.

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