How to Fight the Effects of Aging

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While most people dream of living up to their twilight years, they hate the idea of getting old. See, we live in a society that glorifies the beauty of youth: the flawless skin, boundless energy, and more. Sadly, the passing years take a toll on your body, causing your beauty and health to ebb away.

It might come as a surprise, but getting a portable tub can help you push back the undesirable effects of age. Unlike most anti-aging products, taking a hot bath begets excellent results.

Sleep soundly

Have you ever wondered why you wake so refreshed after a good night of sleep? That’s because sleeping soundly gives your body a chance to reset so that you can start over the next morning. Experts recommend that you get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Getting enough sleep safeguards your physical and mental health. As you sleep, the brain sweeps out harmful toxins that increase the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s as you grow older. Normal brain functions translate to excellent physical health.

Taking a hot bath in the evening soothes away aches and pains, leaving you feeling relaxed and comfortable. Next to a massage, taking a hot bath is a great way to soothe stiff muscles and relieve tension. You get to sleep better when you’re calm and comfortable.

Sidestep some nasty health conditions

Good news: You don’t have to endure a crushing 30 minutes on a bike trail to lower your spiking blood sugar. Not when you have the luxury of taking a hot bath. A long soak in a tub brings down blood sugar levels by an impressive 10 percent, which is higher than what you’d get from a vigorous cycling session.

Better yet, hot baths increase your ability to burn calories by an impressive 80 percent. An hour’s soak in hot tub burns an impressive 16 calories, the same amount you’d burn after taking a half-hour walk. While that’s not a reason shun exercising, hot baths are a passive way to control your blood sugar.

An hour’s hot bath can help people predisposed to type 2 diabetes control their peak blood sugar after a meal. Spiking blood sugars after meals indicate a high likelihood of developing this condition. A hot soak improves the body’s ability to control the uptake of glucose during digestion.

Relieve cold and flu symptoms

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A soak in hot water does wonders for bad coughs and stuffy noses. The hot water improves blood circulation in the body. Increased blood flow in your nose and face helps to dislodge mucus blockages.

Running a hot bath also helps your body fight off the disease-causing viruses. Some immune cells in the body work better at elevated temperatures and soaking in a hot tub increases your body temperature. That lets your body recover quickly from any infection.

While aging will take a toll on your body, you don’t have to bend over backward to push back on the aging effect. A regular soak in the hot tub can keep you in excellent health.

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