How to Fool the Eye to Make Your Home Look More Spacious

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So Christmas is upon us. More than any other month, this is the time when you should be expecting a relative or a friend to drop by. Right? But of course, the coronavirus situation has changed all that. There may not be anybody who has the guts to drop you a visit. Who knows? Still, even with diminishing chances of enjoying the warmth of friendship and parties this time of year, you’re in luck. You’ve got all the time in the world, all thanks to the pandemic. Perhaps you should give your living space a timely makeover.

And what better idea than to make your living quarters look more spacious? Ultimately, your organising abilities will come to the test. Remember that appearances are deceiving. All that clutter can surely give your home a messy vibe. If you’re running out of ideas on how to put spaciousness to your living arrangements, fret not. We have three of the unique ways you can make it happen.

Experiment with a Mirror

A mirror’s magic goes beyond showing you what part of your face needs more attention. In a room, a mirror can create the illusion of greater space. The bigger the mirror, the bigger space it creates.

But mirrors can’t just be placed randomly. There has to be a method to it all.

For one, you need to consider the angle. The question on top of your mind when placing a mirror is: What does it reflect? Positioning it opposite to a window will, for instance, introduce more light and nature to a small quarter.

Big mirrors can play their part in the living room or the room where you’re bound to hold people. It can bring more energy into the room as it reinforces the appearance of more guests.

Alternatively, a room without windows can gain much from a mirror. You can have a mirror framed so that it mimics the shape of a window. By doing so, you’ve provided an antidote for people who don’t like closed spaces or claustrophobic.

You can also experiment with mirrors in your kitchen. And it’s but apt. Kitchens, more often than not, are one of the space-challenged rooms in a house.

Create More Storage Spaces

storage garage concept

De-clutter. Simply put, a clutter-free room evokes the feeling of order. And where you have less clutter, you open up more space for your room. Think of your room as an empty white canvas. The moment someone paints something on such canvas, the smaller that canvas will look.

A good way to de-clutter is to provide more storage spaces. A classic example is by installing a vanity in your bathroom. Not only do you create space, but you also make the bathroom experience hassle-free. All the linens and what-not stored in the vanity only mean more convenience for anybody using the loo.

To create more storage, it’s just a matter of evaluating your space. Scan your room vertically if you’re space-challenged. You can use hanging units, for instance. Or that space underneath your bed.

Additionally, you can explore wicker baskets or stackable boxes for more storage.

The same principle holds true for your walls. You must not choke it with too many pictures or paintings. That can surely make your walls look small. Instead, limit the pictures. One should cut it.

Repaint Your Walls Bright

Last but not least, you should consider repainting your room. Yes, it’s a tall order, but it can go a long way to create the illusion of more space.

Yes, the room did not actually grow bigger just because you repainted it. But by employing light colours, you make your room look bigger. There’s a distinction.

That’s because bright walls reflect more compared to dark-toned ones. As a result, your space looks more open and airy. On the other end of the spectrum, dark colours have a greater tendency to absorb light.

For greater effect, max on soft tones such as off-white. Or, for that matter, you can also experiment with green and blue. Just put to mind that, as always, the brighter the room is, the more spacious it looks.

You can even paint those wall mouldings and trim lighter than your walls. This will make the walls look more distant, creating more space for your room.

Let’s face it. It’s all about an optical illusion. When you want to make a room look spacious, you must organise that room to that end. Some tried-and-tested tweaks should turnaround your space quickly. It can be a tall order. But it’s spot-on for Christmas. After all, the biggest room in your precious abode is the room for improvement.

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