How to Set Up Utilities in Your New Home

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Moving to a new home can be very exciting, but you need to prepare the place before packing the stuff from your old home. For one, you need to make sure that the lights, heat and other utilities are running when you arrive. And this guide can help with that.

Identify your service provider

If you are moving to a new town, city, or state, your current service providers may not be available in your new neighborhood. Your new place nay even have different regulations and processes for setting up utility services. Usually, city and state websites have guides or information for newcomers, including the details of utility companies and service providers in their area.

You can also Google utilities and providers in your new place. Cities often provide local services, such as sewer and water services, and garbage pickup and recycling. As for electricity, gas and hydro options, these services are typically supplied by the state, so you should check the state’s website for more details.

Call them and have them set up earlyman checking under the sink of home


Most utility companies can finish setting up in three to five days, but some require at least one week or ten days. To be safe, the best time to contact your new service provider is at least two weeks before your move-in date. The time turnaround time for service providers also depends on when you are moving. The wait-time will be longer during summer, which is a peak moving season.

Your old provider may need just as time for disconnection, too. Call them at least two weeks before your move-out day. Before calling any service provider, make sure that your move-out and move-in days are final. It is also important to ask when the service will be completed.

Prepare a security deposit


Every utility company has their own process and policy when signing up someone for new services. If you are moving from a different state or from another country, like from Canada to the United States, some companies require a deposit because they cannot guarantee a solid credit check. You might have to pay a steeper fee upfront, but you will eventually get the deposit back once the company is assured that you do pay your bills.

For those who are moving to a different state or city, the steps usually include completing an online application and a credit check. However, the company will probably ask for a deposit if your credit rating is unsatisfactory or if you are moving into your very first home and have not paid for any services before. Depending on the usage amount that your home may consume, the security deposit can be quite expensive in some cases. Make sure to check their website or call the company to learn more about their set up process.

A lot of utility companies offer incentives for first-time consumers. Try to negotiate with them to get a better deal or have your security deposit waived. Also, ask them what you can do to have lower bills and if they provide any special support for first-time homeowners.

Before packing up and calling your  moving company, make sure that the utilities in your new home will be ready upon your arrival. Start coordinating with your service providers, too, so you will not have to juggle utility disconnections and set up with packing up your old home. Having complete utilities by the time you moved in lets you get settled in easily.

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