What is Invisalign?


Misaligned, crooked and wonky teeth can be embarrassing and negatively affect the aesthetics of a smile, but adults are usually prone to accepting the look of their smile because they are uncomfortable about wearing conventional metal wire and bracket braces, which are commonly seen in teenagers. Conventional metal braces, although very effective in straightening misaligned teeth, are highly visible in the mouth, and the reluctance amongst adults to seek orthodontic treatment due to embarrassment or self consciousness, has resulted in the development of invisible braces such as Invisalign in St. John’s Wood.

How does Invisalign work

Invisalign are transparent orthodontic braces, made out of clear plastic and therefore are invisible and metal-free. They are an attractive and convenient alternative to traditional metal braces and this is mainly because, as their name suggests, they are almost invisible. They are individually tailored aligners, which come in a series and are designed to be worn in a specific order throughout the day and overnight and help with gradually aligning the teeth to their target locations. The aligners are worn for approximately 22 hours a day for 2 weeks each until the dentist and the patient are satisfied with the results.

Teeth need to be clean and healthy to undergo these types of treatments, so after a discussion with the dentist, a full examination of the mouth will be carried out to make sure that all the teeth are healthy and that there are no dental issues present. A full professional clean of the mouth will also be carried out to make sure there is no plaque or tartar in those hard to reach areas, which may affect the process or become worse as a result of the process. Following the examination and clean, x-rays and three-dimensional scans of the teeth will help the dentist and the patient visualise an accurate prediction of how the teeth will be aligned following successful treatment. The scans will be used to help manufacture the series of aligners, which are designed to help gradually pressurise the teeth into moving towards the desired spaces. Visiting the dentist after having used a few of the aligners in the series will help make sure that the process is coming along successfully and will also help deal with any questions or issues which may have arisen during that time.

Advantages of Invisalign

The most significant advantage of these series of aligners is that it is a discrete, almost invisible treatment process. The aligners are also very convenient as they can be taken out of the mouth and replaced as necessary throughout the day and therefore a sought-after alternative to conventional metal braces which are fixed to the teeth until the treatment plan has been successfully completed. This means that the aligners do not affect the patient’s eating habits or any other aspects of the patient’s daily routine as they can be removed whenever they may be a hindrance. They are also very easy to clean and can be brushed with an ordinary toothbrush and toothpaste and washed with warm water and replaced into the mouth once cleaned. Speak to the dentist to find out more about how Invisalign in St. John’s Wood can help achieve the perfect smile today.

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