Is It Time to Let Go of Some of Your Things?

Despite learning so many decluttering and purging hacks, some people still struggle with letting go of their things. For them, it’s tough not only logistically but also emotionally.

Until you recognize the emotional reasons you’re holding on to stuff, it will really be impossible to say goodbye to them. That said, search your feelings and see if one of these below is the reason you can’t part ways with your worn-out coats and moving boxes.

You’re attached to the memory they represent

You may be very sentimental. You attach memories to objects, especially those that accompanied you through significant moments in your life. For example, the wine bottle you first opened when you got married or the handkerchief you used at the time of your grandfather’s funeral.

Joyful or tragic life events, certain objects became silent witnesses to what you went through. And going back to them, seeing them again, makes you remember that occasion. So, what do you do when you can’t let go because of an object’s sentimental value?

Ask yourself if you can remember that important life event even without the item. If you can, donate it. Be comforted with the fact that it will take new meaning and purpose for someone else, just like what it did for you. If you can’t, perhaps taking a picture and keeping it in your journal would do the trick. From there, give it away.

You’re anxious that you’ll need them in the future

Sometimes, it’s just a case of “practicality.” You’re keeping stuff because you’re thinking it might be of use in the future. But here’s the thing: if your survived a year or so of not using your university jacket or your old paint cans, not remembering them even until you rummaged through the garage, then there’s a good chance that you’ll sail through the next decades without them.

That’s the principle you need to remember when you declutter. If you haven’t used an item in the previous year, throw it away. Letting clutter pile up will only be a safety risk, especially in your garage. Things can be knocked over, making them a slip and fall hazard for the people entering the space.

According to professionals specializing in garage door repair in Salt Lake City, clutter can also block your garage door’s photo eye sensors, rendering it dysfunctional. So, again, if an item hasn’t been used in the last year, toss it out.

You’re guilty of decluttering

Woman carrying a pile of different folded clothes

In other instances, it’s not the nostalgia or the anxiety that keeps you latching onto a certain object. You just feel guilty thinking of throwing it away. It’s so unkind or ungrateful of you to get rid of that rug your grandmother sewed for your first home or the piles of stickman artwork your young niece gave you.

Here’s the truth: the person who gave you that will love you, even if you don’t own the item anymore. So instead of letting that artwork collect dust in your garage, frame it up and give it to someone you know will be happy receiving it. Your niece might just be extra delighted learning that another person got hold of her art.

Decluttering isn’t easy because it’s inevitable to feel certain emotions while doing it. But instead of dismissing these feelings, recognize them. That’s the only way you can actually bring yourself to letting go of things.

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