Keeping your Home Bathroom as Safe as Possible

home bathroom in modern design

As the body ages, so does the bones, muscles, and virtually all the other organs in it. Thus, older adults are more prone to falls, slips, and trips that can cause severe to irreversible injuries. Unfortunately, not all homes are elderly-friendly, especially the bathroom.

Thus, if you have an elderly loved one who is prone to such avoidable accidents, or is living with someone who has limited mobility, then transforming your bathroom into something that would not just keep them comfortable, but also keep them safe.

Below are some ways to keep that small space as elderly-friendly as possible.

Walk-in tubs

There are walk-in tubs for seniors that are specially designed to help the elderly have a comfortable bath while minimizing the risk of slipping and falling down. Instead of having to get into a conventional tub, which is challenging for most seniors with limited mobility.

With walk-in tubs, one can just open the door, enter, sit, and wait for the water to fill. Talk about comfort, relaxation, and hygiene in one.

Keep it dry

If installing walk-in tubs for the elderly is not an option, the next best thing would be to make sure that the bathroom is always dry. A small wet spot in the shower means a person is at risk of slipping and injuring himself. So always have a rug that can seep moisture and wetness easily.

Also having heavily shower curtains that will help prevent water from spilling out of the shower area is also helpful.

Grab bars

Grab bars, when installed in the right places, are effective in preventing slips and falls from happening in the toilet. Having something to hold on to when one is about to lose their balance, or worse, fall down, will help prevent the fall itself, or reduce the impact of the incident.

Ask a professional to assess your bathroom to know the right places to install your grab bars.

Raised toilet seats

Because the elderly are not as flexible as the young ones, having raised toilet seats can help them use the toilet with more ease and safety. Installing one is easy; all you have to do is find the right model that fits your toilet bowl.

Invest in lighting

modern designed bathroom in bright lights

Never underestimate the importance of a well-lit toilet. Accidents often happen simply because the person is not able to see properly, causing one to miss a step or trip on something. This can easily be prevented if the bathroom is adequately lit from all sides.

Declutter is key

Regardless of whether you have a small bathroom or a big one, keeping your space as clean and as organized as possible can hugely contribute to its safety. The lesser the clutter is, the easier and safer it will be for people to move around and use the toilet.

These changes might seem overwhelming, and investments would have to be made. But revamping your bathroom into something that will not just benefit the elderly, but also you, in the long run, is definitely something worth doing.

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