Making Use of the Outdoor Space for Health: What to Do

Outdoor yoga
  • Creating a garden outdoors can reduce stress and improve moods while providing access to fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Walking or jogging outside can increase physical activity levels with the added benefit of being surrounded by nature.
  • Adding amenities such as swings, trampolines, basketball hoops, and volleyball nets provide fun activities for the whole family.
  • Installing lighting fixtures ensures safety while playing outdoor games at night.
  • Decorating with plants and other items brings beauty and life to your outdoor space.

Using an outdoor space for health is essential for homeowners, as it can provide numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. According to a 2020 American Psychological Association (APA) survey, 87% of respondents reported feeling happier when spending time outdoors. Similarly, research conducted by Harvard Medical School has found that regular exposure to nature can reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being.

Physical activity is also crucial to maintaining health and well-being. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study found that only about 23% of adults aged 18 years or older met the recommended weekly physical exercise. Adding daily activities in the outdoor space can help bridge this gap. For example, walking or jogging outside can significantly increase physical activity levels while surrounded by nature’s beauty.

As a result, the outdoor space is the perfect place to practice healthy habits. Here are a few ways to help you transform your outdoor area into a healthy oasis:

Consider Landscaping

Creating landscaping for outdoor area

Creating a garden in your outdoor space can be an excellent way to make it more conducive to health and wellness. Research conducted by Rutgers University has shown that gardening releases endorphins which can reduce stress and improve moods. It can also provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables, essential sources of vitamins and minerals promoting good health. Moreover, gardening is an excellent form of low-impact exercise as it requires bending, squatting, digging, weeding, etc., all contributing to improved strength and flexibility over time. Here are the steps you should take when creating a garden:

Choose A Garden Space

Before starting your garden project, consider the type of plants you want to grow and pick an ideal spot, i.e., one with plenty of sun or shade, depending on the type of plants you plan on growing. Additionally, determine the size of your garden based on available space to create boundaries that will keep weeds from invading other areas in your yard or adjacent properties.

Prepare The Soil

Healthy soil is essential for any successful garden, so it’s important to do some soil testing before planting anything if possible; this will give you insight into what type of nutrients may be needed or already present to create optimal growing conditions for all plants you’ve chosen for your garden bed(s). To prepare soil efficiently for gardening purposes, use quality compostable materials like leaves or grass clippings mixed with topsoil to ensure proper drainage while providing necessary nutrients simultaneously; this will help establish better root systems while promoting healthier plant growth!

Plant Your Garden Bed

After preparing the soil properly, it’s time to begin planting! Consider creating layers using different types of plants, such as flowers on top followed by shrubs below; this will create visual interest while increasing oxygen flow throughout each layer which helps promote healthier plant growth overall! Additionally, adding mulch around each plant helps retain moisture while discouraging weed growth!

Water & Maintain Your Garden Properly

Once everything has been planted, it’s crucial not to forget about watering regularly! Depending on specific environmental factors such as climate temperatures etc., the watering frequency may vary, but generally speaking, aim for about 1 inch per week through rainfall or manual irrigation methods like hand watering cans, etc. Also, remember other maintenance tasks such as weeding regularly, removing dead plants/leaves, pruning bushes/shrubs when appropriate, etc.

Create a Livable Space

Making the outdoor area livable

To enjoy the benefits of healthy landscaping for the home, you will find that it’s essential to make sure the outdoor space is livable. This means adding comfortable and inviting seating, such as rocking chairs or hammocks, creating a pathway for easy navigation, and providing adequate lighting for evening activities. You can also consider setting up an outdoor kitchen or barbeque area to enjoy with friends and family while exercising proper health precautions.

The shade will also be vital in making your outdoor space comfortable. Invest in a durable pergola roof bracket to create a shaded area for protection from the sun’s rays while enjoying the outdoors. The amenity ensures you can hang out outdoors without any issues, even in the rain. Lastly, decorate with plants and other items that bring beauty and life to your outdoor space.

Install Outdoor Amenities

Adding amenities to the outdoor space can be another excellent way for homeowners to stay healthy. For example, a swing or trampoline can provide children and adults with a low-impact form of exercise while providing a fun activity for the whole family. Swings also promote balance, agility, coordination, and motor skills development in children.

A basketball hoop or volleyball net are other ways to increase physical activity levels while having fun outdoors. Individuals, friends, and family members can use both for an even more enjoyable experience. This type of exercise is perfect for those who prefer intense physical activities, as it can help build endurance, strength, and muscle tone quickly.

Outdoor games like bocce ball, horseshoes, badminton, etc., are also great for team building and improving coordination among family members. Installing lighting fixtures will make it easier to utilize outdoor amenities during evening hours and ensure safety when playing these games at night.

Final Thoughts

Improving your outdoor space is an excellent way to make it more conducive to physical activity and mental well-being. Consider adding amenities, landscaping for gardening purposes, and creating a livable space with comfortable seating, pathways, and lighting fixtures; these will help transform your backyard into a healthy oasis.

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