Looking for must-haves for your dental surgery page? Read on!

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If you have just launched a dental surgery page, you will probably want to know how to make it successful and work for your surgery and your team. This will be tough work and you will likely need some help from a marketing professional in order to make your site pull its weight when attracting new patients to your surgery.

But how can you make your dental websites work in your favour and what are some of the must haves for your page? Read on to find out!

Informative blogs

Blogs are the new must have for dental surgery sites, especially if they are updated weekly.

This is to do with SEO and the advantages of having a website with content that is changed weekly. It also works as a place to put keywords about your surgery and location, thus making you more visible on Google or other search engines.


A vlog is a video blog that is informative and can be a boon for dental sites.

Why? Because it allows you and your staff to explain your speciality to your patients without meeting them, but it also allows your site visitors to ‘get to know’ your team without meeting them; sorta like an interactive staff profile. This is exceedingly important for patients who are more nervous about accessing dental treatments, and can also be beneficial for elderly patients or those who have learning disabilities.

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Easy to navigate

A site that is easy to navigate is not only going to make it easier for patients to find the information that they are looking for, but it also boosts your site’s SEO.

Search bots from Google or other search engines find logical sites that are easier to navigate better and thus, they are ranked higher when they are listed on search result pages.


Have you visited a website recently that offers the site to you in multiple languages, or allows you to tint the screen while also making the text bigger?

This is exceedingly important withdental sites, as it allows those who may have visual problems or learning disabilities like dyslexia to access the information. It also allows those who are new to the English language to navigate the site and find what they are looking for.

But of course, if you want these features installed on your surgery site, seek out a marketing specialist.


A key part of having a successful website in any business stems from your branding; does a site visitor know that they are visiting your site, or does it look like many others in the same business?

Think about the last time you visited an NHS site; the infamous blue and white branding is all over the page and the logo is also on every page. This is what you want to replicate with your site to ensure that it’s not only interesting for site visitors, but that they can recognise your logo or branding should they see your surgery in the street.

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