Teaching Your Kids about the Environment

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However, beyond playing games, having fun, and all the educational activities you partake in as a family, we must also slowly introduce more significant matters and issues that will affect their future. And no, we’re not telling you to hold an in-depth lecture with your kids on all the contemporary social problems plaguing the world today. But instead, introduce healthy practices that address them.

Today’s agenda will be the ongoing climate crisis, but before moving forward to the approaches, let us first understand “why” they should learn as early as now.

The Significance of Learning Early

Climate change is still a growing problem today, and even with the entire world on a standstill due to the health crisis, we are still experiencing the pressures of global warming. What’s more, this issue has fallen under deaf ears across mass media and most people because news reports and headlines are not addressing this major threat to our lives.

This is why your kids need to learn about caring for the environment early so that they don’t fall into the endless loop of only caring about the latest headlines. It will help put their understanding into perspective, identify what truly matters, and carry these lessons even later on in life.

Do Some Gardening

Number one your list is doing some gardening. While it seems like a small task, this simple activity will teach your kids to care for plants and even let you grow your fresh veggies at the backyard. You can also try planting some beautiful flowers which are sure to excite your children with various colors and even spice up your home’s exterior aesthetic.

Overall, gardening is an excellent educational activity that you can do with your kids and teach them to love the environment at the same time.

Engage in Tree Planting

If you want to take it up a notch, you can also choose to engage in tree planting activities and programs with the entire family. Instead of watching a movie or having a pizza party, you can opt to go tree planting for family bonding time. This gets you, your kids, and the entire family straight into the act of protecting our environment. You’ll also get plenty of opportunities to explain the importance of trees.

So, if you can get in touch with any local tree-planting programs, or maybe even do your own, you kids will love it, and nature will appreciate it as well.

Practice Recycling

Another staple in sustainable activities you can do with your kids is practicing recycling right at the comfort of your home. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, and you can do plenty of things with recycled materials. From arts and crafts to building cool toys, you’re sure to find an endless supply of activities.

This activity also goes in hand with waste segregation, which is an excellent way of teaching your kids to segregate their trash and why it’s essential.

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Shop for Eco-Friendly Options

If you want to lean towards home improvement projects that the kids can help with, then you can also try shopping for eco-friendly options that make the house look much nicer. Your choices can range from installing energy-efficient window replacements and treatments, picking out solar panels, switching to LED light bulbs, and even having your kids help with laundry by skipping the dryer.

It’s fun, gets work around the house finished, and offers exciting alternatives that introduce eco-friendly and sustainable living practices to your kids.

Try Out Other Projects

Last but not least, you can try out more direct projects such as making your own compost pits or implementing a no single-use plastic rule inside the house. The former will take a lot of work but will give you and your kids plenty of fun things to do that will help lessen your carbon footprint. Meanwhile, the latter will teach your kids to be more responsible with food choices and the things they decide to buy.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and there exist many other projects like creating your own natural cleaning products. So, do your research and see which fits your family dynamic best.

Valuable Family Time

To protect and care for our environment is a collective responsibility that all humankind shares. And as parents, we must take into our hands to teach our children to value our environment. While some of these projects and activities might take a bit of effort, one thing’s for sure is that you’ll be spending valuable family time with your kids and teaching them what’s important.

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