The New Normal for Your Energy Expenses

Electricity bill

Anybody affected by the coronavirus (and that means everybody), doing everything from home has been the new normal. You’re either working from home, studying from home, and socializing from home. It’s the equalizer no one foresaw or prepared for, but as human beings, people adapt. Not always so quickly or correctly, but people are making do with their current situations.

But, for all the time at home, the pandemic gave to everybody, it’s also giving everyone a new indoor headache: higher energy costs. Everyone took it for granted (albeit unknowingly) they can have their laptops or smartphones plugged in all day, put endless pods to sate your caffeine drive, and run projectors at work or school. Someone’s going to shoulder the costs, anyway/ Now, every time you turn on your computer or put the coffee machine on, it’s you who’s going to shoulder the bills.

Everybody’s Going Through It

Whether you’re with your family or living with friends or by yourself, you’re more mindful of how much power you’re consuming every day. It’s something families have to pay particular attention to, having at least three people consuming electricity all day. Still, everyone who’s forced to do things from home should be looking for more sustainable energy solutions. It’s one of the many things the lockdown is forcing on us, adapt, or pay (so much more).

So, since everyone who is still working is finding themselves to have more disposable income, what better to spend it on than on an investment in solar panels. Gone is the time when it was only households with higher-then-median income who can afford solar panels. Tax incentives, lower costs, and friendlier regulations mean that even a two-person household can have a more-than-adequate solar power system. On top of that, various companies can have solar installation, even in smaller cities and towns.

Residential solar power is far from what it used to be. Back then, with the rules in their infancy, you can look forward to the tax break but not to the sustainable power solar panels can provide. You’re lucky if you can spend enough to cover one part of your roof with panels. Now, budget-friendly leasing options are everywhere. And with everybody spending more time at home, more and more providers will be aggressive in their drive to get you your solar panel system.

An Option for Most, a Goal for Some

Budget savings

Indeed, solar power isn’t for everybody. There are areas in the country where sunlight doesn’t come out often enough to harvest its energy. So, it may be an option for you, but it doesn’t make sense to spend a fair amount of capital if you don’t make use of it. But, that’s not to say you can give up on having your own solar panels. Your investment, whether it’s for you or your property’s value, will always pay off in savings or increased resale price of your home.

In any circumstance, it’s a goal most people should have. There will come a time when either traditional power will be too expensive to make sense or you need to adapt. Coronavirus just put us in a perfect situation whether to have it now or to plan for it.

When the lockdown eases, people will want to spend more time outside. That’s just human nature. But, in investing in your sustainable energy, you can look back at this time of COVID-19 and see that you’ve done something permanently good for you and the environment.

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