Thinking of missing your dental check-up?

Dentist appointment

Then think again! From a dental healthcare professional’s perspective a missed or even delayed biannual dental check-up can have a detrimental effect on a patient’s oral health. However many individuals may overlook an appointment, this may be due to a busy lifestyle, financial concerns, or a dental phobia. If you are considering missing your appointment then it may be a good idea to do some research first, and discover the dental and therefore overall health benefits a regular visit to the dentist can provide.

So… why is a dental check-up so important?

Within the hustle and bustle of modern life a visit to the dentist may be the last thing on a patient’s mind, however it is in fact vital in preventing the onset of oral diseases and infections, such as gum disease, to name just one common example.

What to expect from your dental check-up

Many nervous patients may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from their biannual dental appointment which dental professionals recommend you attend, especially for those who experience anxiety within a dental environment. It is important to remember that each dental case varies massively which means check-ups may vary between each patient, there are however many standard procedures that are typically followed.

Ensuring your oral health is up to scratch

Once you have commenced your dental check-up you will receive an overall oral examination, this is to ensure your mouth is free of any dental abrasions, as well as signs of any oral diseases and infections. In addition to abrasions (which can be a symptom of gum disease) your dental healthcare professional will check for any cavities or dental decay, as well as an excessive build-up of oral bacteria (which later develops into plaque) on the surface of the teeth.

How does your lifestyle affect your oral health?

In addition to oral cancer screenings, and general dental examinations your dental healthcare professional will also ask about your recent changes in medication, as well as your diet, and lifestyle factors such as smoking habits,(which can unfortunately affect your chances of developing oral cancer.

Feeling nervous about a trip to your dental clinic?

Dental Surgery

If you are experiencing anxiety surrounding your dental check-up this may lead you to postpone your appointment, or refrain from visiting altogether! Dental phobias or dental anxiety in general can be triggered by negative childhood experiences, which can unfortunately be carried into adulthood. It is important to remember that dental anxiety can be experienced by patients of all ages, and if you are feeling concerned regarding your biannual check-up you are not alone!

How to ease your concerns

For patients who are feeling nervous it is suggested they call their local clinic prior to their appointment in order to voice any of their queries or concerns over the phone. In addition to a reassuring phone call many patients may also feel more comfortable after familiarising themselves with the dental environment. If these reassurances do sound like something you would be interested in then it may be worth getting in touch with your local clinic.

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