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The world in which we live today is more competitive than ever before. There are several reasons for this. First, digital media and the internet have transformed competition from a local-based environment to a global one. In the past, a candidate had to perform better than a few others in his district or city.

Today, the situation is vastly different. To be successful, he has to beat others in all corners of the world, most of which are willing to work for a lower price.

Second, overpopulation has lead to an enormous increase in unemployment numbers. No matter your education level or ability, it is challenging to get a job.

Finally, we live at the pinnacle of the consumption-first era. Companies bombard us with innumerable ads every day, promoting everything from shampoo to cars and electronic equipment. As a result, people are driven to work harder and make more money.

So, where does that leave parents? How do they know what to teach their children for them to make it as adults?

Answers to these questions are not easy. Still, a good education should start as early as possible. Whether through childcare services or preschool programs, kids should be given a chance to grow, explore, and interact with others in a fun environment suitable for learning.

Parents should also focus on teaching their kids the right subjects, subjects that will help them succeed no matter the time or career path they choose to embark on.


Anybody with a mouth and vocal cords can speak. But not all people can communicate effectively. They cannot convey a clear message that convinces others or even engage in a meaningful conversation with a potential customer or business partner. Many deals have been lost in many industries not because of the product or service itself but rather how it is shown to the public. The same goes for marriages and other types of personal relationships. One of the biggest causes of divorce is problems stemming from issues related to communication.

Like most things, good communication is a skill, not a personal quality. Thus, it can be acquired through learning and practice. Instead of allowing kids to yell, rant, and cry when they want or don’t want something, parents should have their children express themselves using coherent ideas. Of course, a 1-year-old boy cannot do this. But kids a little older than that can.

Parents show their children that there should be a thought process involved when communicating an idea. It is not just about saying whatever is in your mind without considering the consequences that those words might have.

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Kids learn languages faster than adults. No matter what anybody thinks, this cannot be denied. If you don’t believe it, ask yourself, was it easy or difficult for you to learn English?

China has a population of close to two billion people. 90% of them can speak Mandarin and know how to write over 10,000 characters. Are the Chinese more intelligent than anybody else in the world? Or, are they able to do this because they started learning as children?

Besides teaching your child to speak well, the best gift you can give her is the ability to do it in more than one language. It is not a matter of vanity or pride. Instead, it is an issue of survival. It’s about giving her the biggest chances of success in her personal and corporate life.

Many people regret not taking Japanese, Spanish, French, or German lessons when they were younger. If they had, they would currently have better jobs, more money, and more stability.

Computer Skills

The digital revolution that people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates started decades ago appears nowhere near its end. Instead, it continues to define the way we live, work, have fun, and interact with each other. In today’s society, it is easier to find a unicorn or a four-leaf clover than a person without a smartphone.

Skeptics might argue that computer-based technology will eventually disappear, and there is no point for young children to learn something that might not be useful 20 years from now. While this could be true, whether computer hardware and software ever ceases to exist, the technology itself will never stop developing. What you teach your kids today will only help them in the future.

But where do you start? Among other things, you could teach them how to type quickly and appropriately. You could also talk to them about online safety and how to deal with spam.

If you want your children to succeed, be sure to instruct them on how to communicate in more than one language. Also, start their IT education at an early age. These skills will provide them with the tools to face any future challenges they might encounter.

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