Why More People are Healing with Reflexology

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The magnitude of aches and pains that reflexology can alleviate are vast. But over the years, mass media has often watered down to a simple deep tissue massage. What’s worse perhaps are those untrained who still use the banner of reflexology for credibility.

In fact, reflexology has roots in ancient China. There’s the belief that by applying certain pressure to areas such as the feet, hands, and even ears can connect to the organs’ health.

Meanwhile in Britain during the 1860s, practitioners believed that touching the skin calms the central nervous system. But ask any real reflexology practitioner or believer and they can easily name the issues reflexology can target.

Before you write off reflexology as just another new-age wellness fad, research why this treatment has had devoted fans swearing by it for ages. There are different complementary additions to reflexology in American Fork in Utah or any other locations where tailored experiences can be arranged.

The most common problems reflexology can help fix, though, are the ones you might just easily write off.


We’ve all suffered from headaches relatively often in our lives. Sometimes, even it’s just a small migraine, the frequency of it can be a real pain. Studies have shown that massages that target specific active trigger points help alleviate pain. Since reflexology is rooted in the belief that mapping our feet, hands, and even faces leads to direct effects on organs, there are specific areas in the body to look at.

For headaches, the most popular areas include the brain reflex point behind the big toe, the neck reflex at the base of the big toes, and the eye reflex at the base of the second and third big toe. The last one is specifically ideal for eye-strain related headaches.

Inflammation and Chronic Pain

Unfortunately, this issue comes more with age. As our bodies get older, more buildup of fluid occurs between the joints or in our limbs. These aren’t always so obvious, but they are definitely felt.

Inflammation can happen in the joints or in the muscles, but when aggravated can hinder movement. Reflexology helps by applying pressure to the correct points. By doing so, the body is encouraged to release neurochemicals that work to kill the pain. That is why it works well with general pain management, too.

Relieve Stress

Many reflexologists and followers believe that a proper touch can calm and soothe. Others have said that by touching the correct pressure points, the central nervous system is put in a relaxed state.

For others, the simple idea of getting their knots and kinks worked out with deep-tissue kneading is already a treat in itself. In a study from 2000, researchers found that cancer patients who received 30-minute massages prior to treatment actually showed fewer signs of stress.

Strengthen Immunity

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For this one, many professionals argue about the veracity of these claims. However, even if it is yet to be proven by science, many patients have reported the benefits. These claims say that regular reflexology sessions have boosted fertility, aided in digestion, treated nerve issues such as numbness, and fixed hormonal imbalances, to name a few.

Reflexology has been recently associated with other wellness fads. But the truth is that reflexology has actually been around for generations, possibly even for centuries. Many professional athletes and performers rely on a good deep tissue massage for recovery. But the benefits of reflexology should be enjoyed by everyone from all walks of life who want a better and more relaxing healing process.

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